Outdoor Motion alert

Right now I’m using the Chamberlain Motion Sensor with Wireless Motion Alert Wireless receiver.
Model: CWA2000

It works good, I have it set outside in front yard. It uses PIR to detect people or car coming into yard.
Once trigger the wireless receiver inside the house sets off chime. Letting me know someone is outside.

Just wondering is there anyway too hook this up to smartthings so I could also get text msg of email?
Or is there something else I could replace the CWA2000 with?

Like I said works great but only if you are in the house to hear the chime. I would like to have something that will let me know when I’m away from house also.

I use the Dakota Alert DCM-2500 ( http://amzn.to/1P92tCs ) for this purpose. Its receiver has relays that can be connected to something like a MIMOLite ( http://amzn.to/1VuFaTl ) to pair it with SmartThings. A bit pricey altogether, but long range and very reliable.

I was reminded on another thread that you can use a cheaper contact sensor (like this one http://www.monoprice.com/Product?p_id=10795) that has contacts instead of the MIMOLite if a battery powered option is okay.

is there anything I can just add to what I’m using now?

I don’t think so. That one doesn’t have any relay outputs.

OK, this is really rube goldberg, but that doesn’t mean it won’t work. :wink:

If you get a vibration sensor, and put it right next to whatever the Chime device is is, you may be able to get the vibration sensor to recognize the chime, and then send you notification. Some people do this with doorbells.

There aren’t really very many good choices for audio sensors right now. There are a few baby monitors that might pick up the chime. But the vibration sensor’s likely to be more accurate and give you Fewer false alerts.

But it just depends on the exact set up in your home, if there’s an air-conditioner Near the chime that goes off then it might set off the vibration sensor as well. So you may just have to experiment. But back in the days before most things were networked, we did use this kind of method occasionally.

I was wondering the same thing about the Chamberlain CWA2000. I have 2 of these outside and they work great. They now survived two harsh northern ohio winters and still work great – few false alarms. There seems to be no reliable z-wave outdoor motion sensor.

There is nothing that you can soldered to the internals of the receiver that could trigger a z-wave alarm? I would think when the beeper sounds, there would be a voltage change. I haven’t opened mine up and put a volt meter on it yet.

“almost” certainly you can either parallel the chime to a PCB relay coil, or cut out the chime and substitute the PCB relay coil, to give you a dry contact to signal a Zwave contact input.

such as

Hi Community - my first post as I’m a complete n00b to smart home tinkering.
I wanted to see if there was a chance we could revive this long-dead thread…perhaps there’s new viable options out there by now that could make the OP’s vision happen? I have the same PIR motion sensor and would love to open it up to to hack in connection to have it produce a signal a smart home can make use of. All I have are a few Hue bulbs…so I’m very new to the scene…any veterans have ideas for how to convert the lame Chime to a smart signal?

Thanks in advance!

Dakota 2500 with a door sensor

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