Outdoor low voltage pendant light for smart bulb - to add smart bulb

For the lighting on the deck, I am looking for an simple outdoor pendant cord + socket, for 12V wiring - for under a covered deck. To add a custom shade and smart bulb.

Is there comparable 12V product to the simple single light pendant 110V with a replaceable bulb. They seem to be >$100 or with integrated LED and designed for downlights hanging from trees.

(Checking before I go down the path of DIY, taking an exterior pendant and rewire it for low voltage…and is that a crazy idea)

Something like this but for 12V


  • 12V pendant to wire into 12V wiring
  • Cord
  • Replaceable bulb
  • Ability to add a dimmable bulb
  • smart bulb for direct control of an individual light
  • Zigbee 3.0 Smart MR16 Led Bulb 5W

As long as the pendant lamp is wired to 12v (either AC or DC depending on which bulb) you could use this to change the a typical E26 bulb socket to the MR16.

Or one like below if the fixture is a E12 candalabra type.

In both cases, you would want to make sure the lamp was in fact wired for 12v (AC or DC, some bulbs do both, some do not)

** also the extent of the lamps weatherproofing is something to consider

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So it could be an outdoor pendant (110v fixture wired to 12v) with a 12v smart bulb.
Or an outdoor 12v fixture with a replaceable bulb to use the 12v smart bulb
**checking that the bulb/lamp is weatherproof

Yes, taking into account any issues with 12v AC/DC compatibility, although most MR16 bulbs do both.

Other 12v bulbs, using another type of socket, may or may not have the ability to be dimmed, but I think staying with the MR16 you would find less compatibility issues, in general, although I wouldn’t take anything for granted that isn’t listed in the bulb(s) specifications.

**of course smart Zigbee or WiFi MR16 bulbs are in their own category, and the dimming part would be integrated into the bulb itself.