Outdoor Lighting Control with LED fails?

Has anyone else experienced a challenge with the [GE-Jasco Outdoor Lighting Control Module][1] with LED-only lights?

I have 3 of these, but the one connected to a very small string of LED lights never reports receiving and acting on ON/OFF commands. Oddly, since it never reports ON (even when I manually turn it on), ST seems to think it is always Off, and so (apparently) never sends the OFF command.

I suspect this is due to some load-sensing in the device, because I have another one of these connected to a string of incandescent Christmas lights, and it works (and reports fine), while the 3rd one has nothing connected to it, and it also does not respond to or report ON or OFF commands from ST.

Before I return the 2 as faulty, I thought I’d ask if anyone else has experienced this?


No personal experience, but you could swap them and see if the one that was on the LEDs works on the incandescents and vice versa. That should tell you if it is, in fact, load-related.

I don’t see that problem with mine.

I suspect it is the known intermittent issue where GE-Jasco switches stop reporting because of the Lutron patent workaround. Generally a power recycle solves the issue.

Another is Z-Wave radio strength. It would be nice if SmartThings exposed their Z-Wave table so we could see where radio strength is weak. I’ve noticed weather conditions affect radio strength.

Swapping the two as btk suggested is a good idea, but because of the mesh, won’t be immediately conclusive until repaired.


So, I was unaware of the “known intermittent issue where GE-Jasco switches stop reporting”…a power cycle solved the problem - both switches now report on/off properly again.

Thanks @beckwith !!!