Outdoor lamp post

Newbie here. I just bought a hub and trying to figure this out. In the backyard, I have GE plus outlet ‘A’ which is on the outside of the house. About 20 feet away I have another GE Plus outlet ‘B’. About 45 feet from outlet ‘B’ I have a lamp post with another GE outlet. This forms kinda of triangle. For some reason the ST app cannot find the lamp post outlet. I do not have the lamp post over the outlet. Inside the house, I put an aeotec range extender, which is about 9 feet away from outlet ‘A’ and a little closer to the lamp post.

The lamp post uses 120v. The lamp post outlet was the last one to be installed. I also did a repair. Any ideas or suggestions?

I should also mention that the lamp post has 3 lights on it


Can you post a picture of the lamp post, I’m having trouble visualizing it.

And did you get any error messages from the Z wave repair? ( you ran that after installing the lamp post outlet, correct?)

After the install on the lamp post, I did a repair and it was successful.

the lamp post I have is similar to this

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