Outdoor In-ground main water valve

Okay, here is situation:

*Single Family Home in Dallas/Fort Worth Area

  • Typical Main Water Valve in Front yard
  • cannot find (and I’m told), no valve connection inside home. I can shut off main water valve in yard by opening cover, and turning the valve.
  • the Main Valve is where the Master water meter is - the city reads the meter (now electroncially by just driving by)
  • The valve, during rain, is actually under water! (water accumulates at that point)

I have had leaks in the past, large lot with a bunch of sprinkler heads (18 stations) and also water valves outside. Many times, they go un-noticed. I have Rachio but that does not let me know if a sprinkler valve is leading or a faucet is leaking.

What I would like to do: Have a valve that I can control from Smartthings. Also the ability to look and see if water is flowing (say, I’m on vacation) or to let me know proactively if water is flowing (say, I put it on away mode).

Closest thing I can find is the fortrezZ outdoor valve. Obviously, I will need to run power to any device. I am a little concerned about what would hold up being submerged from time to time! Any thoughts or ideas? It sucks that there is not an indoor water connection to the entire system.

Thanks in Advance!

It may be easier—perhaps safer—to have a plumber install a shutoff in/at the house? Then you can easily use the more standard solutions…