Outdoor Illumination Sensors

Continuing the discussion from Bloomsky Weather Station:

If the Aeon Multi sensors aren’t a good option for you, I would suggest getting one of the Fibaro Motion Sensors and placing it inside, but pointing directly out a window. Motion detection won’t work through glass, but the illumination sensor will. Users have reported that the illumination sensor has a wider dynamic range than the Aeon.

There are good community-supported device handlers for this one.

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Everyone talks about how good the ST814 is has anyone tried the ST815 sensor?

Holy motion batman!

For $113, that motion sensor better make breakfast and diagnose my z-wave network issues!

Is that the one you’re talking about? I’m guessing the whole “Eye of Sauron” feature adds a lot of expense.

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agree. They may be nice but come on…

Everyone talks good about the everspring st814 so I ordered the ST815 it is even outdoor rated.

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The price is usually around $50-70 depending on where you buy it, and the light up LED can be disabled.

I don’t own any, but they get good reviews by users on this forum, especially for having a large dynamic range of lux values.

I’m just trying to help the OP get accurate lux measurements.

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