Outdoor DLNA Speaker to use as Barking Dog Alarm?

I have a problem with a Black Bear that visits my back deck an destroys bird feeders to steal food. I would like to use a z-wave motion detector to drive a wifi speaker to generate the sound of a barking dog (using Speaker Companion). I am looking for an outdoor reasonably priced DLNA speaker. Can anyone point me in the right direction?

The following list is old, but still useful.

Thanks for the list but I have seen it. Many of these Items are not speakers. Those that are speakers are generally for indoor use. I am really looking for a barking dog box with a Z-Wave interface. Thanks for taking the time to send a response.

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Sonos and Samsung both support sending audio (i.e., barking dog) to speaker. Sonos is true DLNA. Samsung R1’s use a play URL capability to do the same things. R1s can be procured refurbished for under $100.

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go active. Try an electric fence charger

Motion activated sprinklers might help. They make a great racket and shoot water obviously. Pretty scary the first time. They are not very reliable in the 2, 3rd year but with careful draining and storage for winter then you might get 3-5 years out of one.

Also it’s pretty easy to setup tripwire party-poppers, but they are just an example.