I was away last week when these problems where happening. I was getting double notifications for all events. I tried uninstalling and re-adding certain apps per support to fix, however it didn’t help. When I returned, I power cycled my hub and double notifications stopped.

Looking for ways to out of band power cycle the hub while away now. :slight_smile:


with the new firmware you can reboot your hub from the IDE

How does one get the most recent firmware, Andrew? I’m still on 000.010.00246, according to the IDE.

hey @chzdanish I answered in another thread http://build.smartthings.com/forums/topic/new-firmware-31014/#post-12661

Thanks, Andrew.

I’m having the same issue. I just rebooted my hub not it is only getting a solid blue light. I know the network is able to get to the internet and even the show hubs screen shows the hub last active at 1 Apr 2014 02:37:09 which is less then a min of me checking. So the graph.api site shows it up but still a solid blue light. Any ideas?

im having the same issue the past 30 minutes at least…

Same here… Really frustrating. Everything is really slow since I updated to the new Android app. Mode change randomly work, some app don’t work… tonight, app is just not responding. I’m starting to regret the investissement. :frowning:

dont get too discouraged, its a good system. this is actually the first time in 3+ months that im having this issue…its been pretty solid otherwise. Android app has gotten close to as stable as the iOS app too

i do wish however that ST didn’t require to communicate with ST servers for every command.

I’m having the same issue.Also just rebooted my hub many times and it is only getting a solid blue light. I know the home network is up and running. I would be grateful of any help

Same thing here. Nothing works and I get a solid blue light!

Yep, me too. Was trying for 20 minutes to pair a Z-wave switch when I finally noticed the blue light.

working good now. I hope it was an awesome upgrade!

Well, last night of all nights after tweaking Smartthings for months i decided it was time to get wife approval. Bed time I told her to just come to bed and showed her how to put Smartthings in “night” mode and let it turn off all the lights and lock the doors… She did and what happened? Nothing!! I try on my phone… Again nothing. So I get up manually turn everything off and lock the doors and notice the blue light on the hub… Smartthing servers down again :frowning: we get up this morning things seem to be back online. She opens the blinds. Trying to save face I tell her to not worry about turning the lights off I have them scheduled to turn off at 8:30 am… Here it is 9:50 and all lights are still on… Wife approval is an epic fail. Heavy sigh… Time to research for a more stable system :frowning:

John, I sympathize with you. :smiley:

@ipcardinal…thank you for the sympathy.

I notice the date today and again thought I could save face. I found her in the kitchen and said "April fools"
She wasn’t buying it. Lol

Last night wasn’t a good night to demo ST. I came home to a very dark house.

Hmmm, did we get another hiccup last night/early morning? One bank of my aquarium light did not turn off and my porch light was still on when I was leaving for work. Odd thing was a living room lamp that was scheduled to turn off, turned off.

Surprised no one else replied. Yes, I got a push notification that there was an outage last night starting around midnight EDT.

Yes @eibyer there was a small outage last night. You can check and sign up for notifications at http://status.smartthings.com/