OTA updates support questions

Sorry if this has already been asked.

Will support to schedule these updates eventually be supported? I don’t like that the feature is either on or off and nothing else. I have lots of CoRE Pistons set up using door sensors and motions sensors and what not. When the firmware update starts, the state of some of these devices start flapping. I hope that the smart switches don’t do this as I have things like my washer machine and my Xbox on smart switches. Would hate for them to start an update and turn off in the middle of something.

I was at work and all of a sudden I started getting motion alerts on my phone, and I couldn’t figure out why my motion sensor was going haywire, so I checked it’s history, and it shows that the firmware update automatically started at 16:58 and the flapping started immediately after. (UPDATE 17:42, still getting false alerts)

I also found that the OSRAM bulb will revert back to their default white temp setting, so when I got home last night, half the lights outside of my house were yellow and the other half where cool white.

I really like the whole OTA update feature…but it would be really nice if we had a way of scheduling it, or at the very least, detecting when it has started so I can set CoRE to disable any Pistons that use that Device so that I can supress notifications until Firmware is done updating…And also maybe a piston that will fix the bulb colors after a firmware update has finished.

If there are no current plans…then I will just turn the feature off, and just turn it on like once a month or so, let it run for a couple days and then turn it off.

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You can disable OTA updates to prevent devices from updating when you don’t expect them to. When you want them to update, enable OTA updates and then click ‘check now’ in the properties of each device in IDE to force an update when you want.

That’s what I said at the end of my post. The check now button works, but you are limited to 5 devices (or so I read in another post). So if you need to run more than 5 updates, and you don’t want to sit and watch your log, better off just turning it on, leaving it for a day or two, then turning it off (least hassle).

As @jhamstead noted disable the OTA - take back control of when the upgrades happen.
FW upgrades have been a pain point for my system - so I have to be in control of when and be sure I am prepared (for anything) !