Osram/Sylvania Lightify (it works)

Thank you.Probably it’s the firmware which is still 1.5.3.I will contact support and get back.
Thank you again

Hope that works for you! Good luck!

I ordered some too but I wanted to know if they work with rgbw too, I’m just waiting for my gardenspot to arrive.

They should work. If they don’t default to it, my bet is the Zigbee Hue Bulb device type (ST official) will work for these out of the gate. If not, let me know and I can help you tweak for better results.

Thank you! Just waiting on them, might be monday at the latest.

My ST hub is European version.The latest firmware is 1.5.3(which I have) for EU and 1.5.4 for US as the support informed me.I still cannot pair the Osram Lightify GU10 bulbs. :frowning:

That is frustrating! I would hope there isn’t any features available to the US firmware that aren’t there for EU. Do you have any zigbee bulbs paired with your system yet?

Will support help you try to troubleshoot the issue? This bulb isn’t officially supported, so they might not.

Have you tried doing a factory reset on the bulbs?

The European Lightify bulbs are more time sensitive with joining but they can join just like the A19s.

  1. Factory reset the bulb (you’ll know it’s successful because they blink once).
    They will look for a network for about 20 or 30 seconds.
  2. If they haven’t joined anything (indicated by another single blink) then you can power cycle the bulb to make it search again.

Thank you @Savij
I went to the Osram site which said:

How do you reset lamps?

To set lamps or luminaires back to their default settings, switch these ON for five seconds and OFF for five seconds, five times in succession. After switching on again, the lamp flashes shortly once to confirm – and can now be integrated into a LIGHTIFY system again via the “Add Lights” function.

And after doing that I turned them one (2 in one fixture) but nothing happened.
Then switched off and back on without 5sec waiting.The one of 2 blinked so then found by the ST hub.
Then I switched off the lights and back on and the same happened for the 2nd light!
They were found as Zigbee Hue bulbs.
Now I will change the device type to Lightify and I think am done!

Awesome! I think you want to keep them as Zigbee Hue. The GU10 are full color like Hue. The Lightify type is for color temp only, not RGB.

No the Zigbee Hue device type doesn’t change color for example,purple,red, pink.It only changes temperature from 2700 to 6500 Kelvin but it doesn’t show that as in your app which is better.

I mean the GU10 isn’t like my LIFX bubls that change colours it just changes temperature and dims.

I hope it had colors.The page says: “Color rendering index Ra: 80…89”.what does this mean?

My mistake. I thought that style bulb was RGB, but it’s tunable white like the bulb I got. Definitely go with the Lightify DeviceType. Let me know if you notice any issues.

Color rendering is score out of 100 at how the bulb’s light affects the perceived color of what it shines on. Higher is better. This bulb is 80 at warmest (2700k) and 89 at highest. These are good scores and comparable to the better LED bulbs on market.

installed the lightify gardenspot rbg lights and it shows up as philips Hue, easy to set up, however I have been having issues keeping control of them. what happens is I set them up and changing the colour works fine, then I click the off they turn off for a second and then turn on again and that’s when I lose control and I have to uninstall them and reinstall, has anyone experienced anything like this?

I haven’t heard anything like that. When you say it turns back on, is that the actual device or just the state in ST? And losing control means it stops responding?

If you send me logs and the device raw description, I’ll do my best to help you troubleshoot.

Just to be sure, when you say “click the off” do you mean through the ST mobile app or at a power switch?

Sorry, by lose control I mean that it won’t respond to any changes on the ST app. When I click off I mean in the ST Mobile app, basically it blinks and then stays lit up. I checked my ST hub and it shows the unit as INACTIVE. I will try to get you the logs soon as I can.

Thanks guys

What kind of power do you have them plugged into? Are they outside?

Yeah they are outside plugged into an outlet until I wire it, I’m thinking its about 25 feet away from the hub and it needs to pass through a wall could it be a range issue?

Could be range, although the flick and then back on is more often an incompatibility.

Try bringing them inside and plugging them in about 15 feet fom the hub and see if you can control them via the app then.