Osram/Sylvania Lightify (it works)

The Enerwave SC7. So if I use 1 Virtual Master switch to control my group of bulbs, can I use momentary switches to trigger my scenes under Rule Machine?

Absolutely. What you probably want to do is use the virtual master when you want to manually adjust the group with the mobile app, not to trigger your scenes.

With the SC7 and Rule Machine, you won’t even need the momentary switches. You can link the button presses directly to triggering the ‘scene’ color temp on all your bulbs.

This will cut down on the latency because you won’t have multiple SmartApps in the middle.

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Yes, same thoughts here on reducing latency.

Also, I’ve just setup 2 switches as a dimmer up and dimmer down in rule machine. One thing I found though - dimmer adjustments made through rule machine can make the virtual master and the lightify bulbs adjust below 0 or >100. When the virtual master or the bulbs are turned off with dimming level at <0 or >100, the bulbs will not turn on until the dimmer level is set between 0 & 100 (either manually using the slider or triggering dim up/down in rule machine).

You can add the following two lines of code to the setLevel() command before the if statements that sendEvents to prevent that.

value = Math.min(100, value)
value = Math.max(0, value)

That should cap the actual commands in the virtual device to keep it working.

Oh, I’m not that well versed in coding yet, but I’ll certainly try. The issue shows up both in the virtual master and the bulb device, so how do I do this if I’m using the official osram device handler?

I have 10 PAR 16 GU10 lightify bulbs connected to an Osram gateway and working perfectly. I have followed the instructions to pair the same bulbs with ST hub but the bulbs are not being discovered at all. As a last resort I may have to reset the bulbs as recommended. The switch off and on is not placing the bulbs in discoverable mode. Any suggestions on how to keep the bulbs paired to the osram gateway and also to smartthings at the same time?

You can’t have them paired to two hubs at the same time.

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Just as I suspected. Was hoping that was possible as I am able to have the Hue hub and ST paired and working together with hue bulbs.

But you are accessing the Hue hub then the bulbs. Different animals.

That’s a different kind of connection. The bulbs in that case are only connected to the Hue Bridge, and SmartThings is making LAN requests of the Hue Bridge via a “service manager” and the Hue Bridge then does the actual requests of the bulbs.

SmartThings has not made a similar service manager for the Osram gateway. So you can connect the Osram bulbs directly to SmartThings, but not via the Osram gateway.

Ok understood. My final question on this then; do I therefore have to rest the bulbs and remove the association with the Lightify hub so that they can be discovered by the ST hub? As it stands, the ST hub is unable to discover the bulbs.

Yup I would do both. But at least a bulb reset is required.

Updated the firmware for half-a-dozen bulbs this weekend. All of my bulbs were already set up with the ST hub. Unfortunately, the clever App that @Kristopher created didn’t reset them, so I had to resort to using the manual power-cycle method. I did not delete them from the ST App before resetting them.

Once they reset, they easily paired with the Lightify Gateway (no surprise), and from within their App I was able to upgrade the firmware for each bulb without any problems. It does take a while, presumably because the file transfer takes a while over the limited-bandwidth protocol.

After the firmware upgrade is complete, it’s trivial to delete the bulb from the Lightify App, which resets it immediately. Then I did a “Connect New Device” from within the ST App, and they all flashed 3 times to indicate that they paired, but the “Looking” indicator still kept spinning. At first I though there was a problem, but I just backed out of that screen and went to my Things and the bulbs responded to on/off commands.

So, yeah, it’s a bit of a pain to upgrade the firmware, but you don’t have to remove the bulbs from your ST App. @Kristopher, I’m not sure what you meant by “Using the reset script, I unpaired the switches and included them back into the SmartThings Hub.” I used the delete function in the Lightify App to delete and reset the bulbs. Is that what you meant?

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Hey @chickwebb

The script I created will flash your switch on and off that the bulb is connected to. If you don’t have a connected switch separate from the bulb, it won’t do the reset. Hope that helps!


Yes, I tried to use the ST Smart App that you created, but it didn’t work. Not sure why, but I ended up using the manual method to reset them in order to allow them to pair with the Lightify gateway.

My question about your instructions was that they seemed to imply that you used your script/app to unpair the bulbs from the Lightify gateway, and that didn’t seem right to me, since you delete/reset them from within the Lightify App when you’re done upgrading the firmware. It struck me that your instructions were a bit confusing on that point.

ok quick question. Are the strips water proof for outdoor use or just the Garden kit?

They’re definitely not waterproof. The connectors are too exposed for that. I thought about building something to enclose mine, but they announced at CES that an outdoor version is coming soon (this spring): http://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20160105005945/en/OSRAM-SYLVANIA-Continues-Lead-Smart-Home-Market


@keltymd Just get the garden kit. I have them and love them. The wife was not sure she was going to like them and she ended up loving them. When we redo our backyard we are going to get some more and run them back there. I also have mine setup on a timer to come on at 6p and off at 6a.


that looks nice man.

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I got some and the first thing I discovered is do not look directly down on them man they will blind you

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