Osram/Sylvania Lightify (it works)

Jon, not sure I understand your question. What bulbs are you using? And with what SmartApp or virtual dimmer are you trying to use to set color temp?

Smart Lighting doesn’t support setting white color temperature, only color. There aren’t many SmartApps that do support color temperature yet. Circadian and Rule Machine are the best ones.

@Cherokee180c I have not looked into the lightify light strips but if you look at them and then compare them to maybe the ones at your local Lowes like the pic I have attached. If you can just get one of the lightify strips to connect to that then the lightify would be the one that would power the rest of the strips. Just not sure on the RGB colors. Armacost is another one I have them installed under my kitchen cabinets and love them. I have them plugged into a z wave plug, motion sensor so they come on w/motion and off w/no motion. Wife loves it!


The initial kit price on the Osram RGBW LED’s is reasonable, but the expansion kits only have (2) 2’ strips in them. So if you need 12’ your almost better off ordering (2) of the original kits. Also they have no ability to buy the right connectors. I was trying to avoid the $70 for the Fibaro zwave controller as you still need the power supply and LED’s, but that option is looking better and better.

FYI Lightify LED strip 57.88 + Tax after mail in rebate at Menards

Wow, I didn’t realize mail-in rebates were still around. I think your link had some other info in it because it was returning a 500 error. This one should work:


That being said, since I can’t have it shipped to my house and I have to pay tax this isn’t necessarily a better deal than just buying it for $64 on Amazon with free shipping and no tax.

I have to pay tax to Amazon =/ , But There are lots of menards in my area, so it makes sense if that is the same case for others.

The new LIGHTIFY RGBW bulbs (A19, BR30 and RT5/6) are officially supported. We’re updating the smartthings.com list later in the week.


Awesome! What will we have to do to update the device types?

To our official Device Type Handler? Remove the devices, uninstall any custom Device Type Handlers you installed, then re-pair. It should pair as a ZigBee RGBW device.

If it’s already paired as a “ZigBee RGBW Bulb” device then nothing needs to be done and it will begin using the updated version of the device type?

I am using 6 of the color temp tunable RT5/6 bulbs and 2 of the color temp tunable A19 bulbs.

I am using:

  • Device Type: ZigBee White Color Temperature Bulb
  • Virtual Dimmer: Sticks18 Virtual Color Temp v1
  • Smart App: wackware : Dim With Me - Plus Color Temp (From your GitHub).

The only thing that I have been able to use to change color temp for a group of bulbs is Sticks18 Color Temp via Virtual Dimmer, but this requires creating two smart apps for each set of bulbs to control them fully. One to dim and turn on/off, the other to set color temp. I suspected the problem was the device type I was using, but if I use your device types, which work well, Circadian and other smart apps don’t show them in the list.

Ultimately, I am looking to create groups of bulbs to put into my ST Rooms. I plan on buying another 15 bulbs next week, as I love these color temp tunables.

Thanks for the help


Got it. I need to update my virtual device and SmartApp. They were both created before Color Temperature was an official capability, so I was using my own custom commands and attributes.

I can make the update later today. Once I convert them over, you should be good to go.


These updates have been made as well as updating the virtual color temp dimmer to use a custom range slider 2700-6500, so no conversion. I updated the kelvin value tile to use the background color to approximate the white shade.

Here are the links:


I have installed the virtual switch and the smart app. There are no errors, the performance is flawless, and I couldn’t be happier. Post here or PM me to let me know how I can buy you a cup of coffee (or a few) for the time invested in these wonderful bits of code.

Thanks Again,

Thanks for the offer, but knowing it’s working well is good enough for me! Let me know if you do run into any issues.


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Is there a way to setup multiple ‘scenes’ for a single group of lightify bulbs? What I’m thinking is to setup 2 instances of a Virtual Lightify switch and Dim with Me app for the same group of bulbs - 1 virtual switch is on a cool temperature, then the other virtual switch is on a warm temperature. Will this work?

I don’t think you’d need two instances for this. The Virtual Lightify device has the same controls as the physical ones, so to convert from one ‘scene’ to the other, you would just drag the color temp slider to the desired temperature and the group of bulbs will automatically adjust to that color temperature.

If you’re trying to “trigger” this at a particular time of day or via an automation, you should check out Rule Machine or Circadian Daylight SmartApps, which are the two best options for automating color temperature bulbs.

I should add: If you had two instances setup, they might fight each other. Basically whenever you change something in the Virtual Lightify device, it will update that same change in the grouped slave bulbs. If you turn ‘on’ the master, it will turn ‘on’ the slaves. Change color temp, it will change color temp on the slaves, etc… It’s important to keep in mind that it only sends the same commands to the slaves. For instance, if your slaves are at 3000K because you changed them manually at some point, and you turn ‘on’ the master and it’s at 2700K, it will only send the ‘on’ command to the slaves. The slaves will not adjust their color temp unless you adjust the master.

But is there a way to make the master send a Color Temp command every time it turns on (or make the app execute a color temp change when the master turns on)? Or do you mean there’s currently no way to setup the bulbs similar to a hue tap. e.g. 2 wall switch buttons are each assigned a different color temp?

What I’m looking for is wall switch functionality to be able to change the color temp - I’m also thinking, would it be possible to remap a smart wall dimmer to change color temp instead of dim levels?

You could code it that way, but for initiating scenes on multiple bulbs via a wall switch, you’d probably be better off using Rule Machine. So many more options there.

What wall switch are you planning to use?