Osram/Sylvania Lightify (it works)

Even once a day would be a lot more than these bulbs are designed for. If you check the user guide, they are intended to always be on power and have the bulb decide for itself how much current to draw.

An occasional power outage isn’t a big deal, say two or three times a year. However, if you are regularly using a wall switch to turn its power off and then on, each time it comes on it has to deal with “inrush current.” This can, overtime, damage the radio inside the bulb and reduce its working life. So it is just something to be aware of.

There are several alternatives. The most popular is probably to provide a battery operated switch on the wall next to the original switch. Then do as you have done and provide some sort of child safety mechanism to keep the original switch from being used except in an emergency. Since the battery operated switch doesn’t actually change the current flow, it doesn’t damage the radio.

The following FAQ includes both battery operated and mains powered devices, so read the descriptions carefully.