Osram/Sylvania Lightify (it works)

Is that flaw still relevant if the Osram bulbs are directly connected to ST hub?

Maybe. The report mentions both Lightify Gateway and Zigbee protocol vulnerabilities.

The gateway vulnerabilities is supposed to be fixed soon but I’m not sure how the Zigbee flaw impacts ST since there was no detail given.

I thought my bulb was acting up, so I removed it from the ST hub and reset it according to instructions. Now I can’t get it to re-pair. Anyone know what might be the cause or how to debug it?

The light does blink 3 times when I turn it on.

EDIT: Nevermind, I figured it out. Somehow after another reset it just added as an un-configured “Thing”, so I edited the device type in the IDE to make it work.

I have all types of Osram lightify indoor bulbs in my house I believe :slight_smile:
They are all connected to ST.

When connected to the Lightfy hub, they can fade level, meaning in the official app when choosing another level of light, instead of just cutting directly to that level, it makes a smooth transition to the new level in just split second or so. Looks better than just cutting.

But when hooked up to ST, I cannot do the same effect. I’m using CoRE to program a lot of stuff, and it has a “fade” and "fade (level) but they dont do the trick.

I’m thinking either I’m missing a feature in CoRE or I should should use a diffent DH og 3rd, it just cannot fade through ST.

My current used DH:
Color: ZLL RGBW Bulb
Whites: ZLL White Color Temperature Bulb

Anyone have a lightify bulb actually die(or maybe brick) on them yet?

House is full of lightify now including 12 T/W GU10s (and another 3 I still haven’t gotten around to fitting yet) and I’m fully up to date on firmware…

Except for this one GU10 bulb which seems dead… turning on and off from physical switch does nothing (in fact hadn’t sensored up the bathroom yet so for six months it was fine in just physical switch mode)…

Am I unlucky or are these starting to die already?

Looks like both WiFi and Zigbee received a firmware update today for the gateway.



Has anyone found out where the new outdoor flex strips and motion sensors are being sold? I saw they were mentioned in the latest app update and newsletter but can’t seem to find them online lol.

As far as I know, zigbee that being use in Osram Lightify bulb don’t have any frequencies version like z-wave.
So, will it work if I use Osram from UK or Europe ?

I’m using hub V1 by the way

Are you in the US and thinking of using UK/ European bulbs? One thing to think about is that Osram bulbs in UK or Europe are 220 volts vs 120 volts available in the US. I know from personal experience (I tried an Osram candelabra bulb with a socket adaptor) that they won’t even light with 120 volts.

I thought hub V2 will support both Z-wave US and EU standard, but it’s not
I live in Asia with 220 volt electricity, so if i’m using ST hub US version it will not work with Z-wave EU standard.

So I think I can only use device with zigbee, because some zigbee device support 220 VAC, and zigbee have same standard anywhere.

I tried a A19 110V bulb (US) with 220V. Actually it worked, BUT when I try to dim to zero or turn off, the light goes crazy.

I can imagine - in my case it was the other way round - bummer because there seems to be no zigbee or zwave candelabra base at 120v… (and going to to a z-wave or zigbee switch would be a big hassle in my older house)

Depending on your exact needs, there are two possibilities. Neither is 100% satisfactory, but they both work for some use cases.

One) get a socket adapter. There are quite a few of these readily available at Amazon and other retailers. Typical cost of about five dollars each. Get one that is CE or UL listed. There are two issues with these. The first is heat dispersion. Some smart bulbs are not intended to be used upside down. Chandeliers are typically not used as much as regular ceiling fixtures, and you might be OK, but is just something to keep an eye on.

Second, of course, is that the bulbs will be larger and the socket will extend them out another couple of inches and it may just look terrible. But they do work for some people.

Two) Feit makes a very nice Bluetooth chandelier bulb. Cost right around $20 each so they’re expensive. And they don’t integrate with anything else at present. No IFTTT or Echo.

However, if like me the issue is difficult in physically using light switches, this gives you control of chandelier bulbs that you can use from the tablet or phone.

It maybe possible to control them with the harmony hub, I don’t know anyone who’s tried that. If you could do it that way, then you would have smart things integration. But because they’re using their own Bluetooth mesh, I’m not optimistic.

Anyway here are the bulbs. They are using their own Bluetooth mesh, so the bulbs become repeaters to each other. That probably doesn’t matter for chandelier bulbs but I’ll just mention it.

Hiya JD,

Thanks for bringing up the Feit bulbs - they have them at my local Home
Depot. I have been reluctant because of their total lack of integration -
not sure how my partner would deal with yet another app. And, they don’t
get the best reviews. Still, as we know, there simply is no other
candelabra option available in the US. A switch is not an option right
now. So, I might give them a try. It will all depend on how they look in
the fixtures (only two sconces - so not that much of a spend - and I can
always return if they’re a fail).

And, who knows, maybe some day Feit will open up some kind of API or the ST
Hub will enable the BT antenna.

(I was actually fantasizing about some kind of web to BT bridge but
couldn’t find anything easy to work with out there).


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ongoing issue - osram bulb dropping offline. I have deleted device and re- paired - no issue with that (several times over past couple of weeks)…pairs as zigbee bulb, I have tried to change device type to the OSRAM white tunable as now found in device list. Drops still. I have logs - I am seeing a lot of did not parse messages … any other trouble shooting or suggestions for resolution.

do you have the lightify gateway? may need to do a firmware update on the light

direct connect to ST Hub - only.
Support gave no indication of doing a firmware upgrade. I was thinking this as well (firmware update).
Do we have instructions anywhere for upgrade process?

Thank YOU!

you need the lightify gateway to do the update to the light

I’ve got an OSRAM Lightify A19 RGBW bulb, and for some reason I’m unable to read the Saturation. It doesn’t matter if I look at it under “My Devices” in IDE, or through SmartApp code (bulbSaturation = thebulb.latestValue(“saturation”)), the Saturation is permanently stuck at 50.
I’m trying to create an app that will remember the bulb state so I can change it and return to it.
Anyone know if they all do this? Or do I need to update my firmware, or the Device Handler? Thanks!

Just a followup in case anyone has the same issue. Not sure why it didn’t work at first, but when I switched to the Zigbee RGBW Bulb Device Handler from @sticks18, it started working correctly. Saturation reports correctly, and I can control the bulb with correctly through code, which I couldn’t do before.

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So at one point I had this set up and working, but it stopped responding correctly to ST. So I deleted the thing and all associated smartapps, reset the light bulb, and now I can’t get it to connect again.

Does anyone know if there is some additional device cache I need to clear with ST to make it find the light again?