OSRAM RGBW Bulbs Group & Virtual Control

I was looking at using this for my new OSRAM flex RGBW Indoor/Outdoor Strips in my kitchen but couldnt make it work fully. If I used the default handler it would pair and run all sets via the smartapp just on and off though no color/temp/brightness settings.

If I add the device handler and assign it then it doesn’t work at all. I used the handler on all 3 bulbs. Is that correct or should I be doing something different?

Nevermind, figured it out.

  1. Add the virtual Device code under “My Device Handlers” and publish it.
  2. Add the smartapp code under smartapps and publish it.
  3. Add a new device under “My Devices” that uses the virtual device handler. Just make up a network ID and name etc…

4… Add the smartapp under “Marketplace” -> “Smartapps” -> “My Apps”

Configure the smartapp by Assigning the virtual device as the master, and the real light strips as slaves.

Control all 3 from the fake device that uses the virtual handler.

One thing I note is when I set a color the light level is always dimmed.

2nd thing, when I use it in a smartapp like smartlights it doesnt turn off…

I was hoping to use the virtual device and smart app for grouping Osram Tunable White bulbs, but my tunable white bulbs don’t appear as options when selecting the slave devices. I’m not very experienced with code so I’m wondering if there is a simple adjustment I can make in the code to allow for selection and control over the Tunable White bulbs instead of the RGBW bulbs? Any help would be great! Thanks!

The tunable white bulbs won’t be detected because they lack the Color Control capability:


You can remove that part from the virtual bulb definition and then change the slaves section of the bulb grouper definition to have the the Color Temperature capability instead. I just tested that on a pair of tunable white bulbs. The other attributes (brightness/temperature) can be controlled this way.

Following that approach, I think it would be possible to write a hybrid group definition to handle both types of bulbs from the same virtual master device. You’d have to write a dummy function so the hue and saturation would simply have no effect on the tunable white bulbs in that case. Kludgy, but it would allow for a global brightness/temperature control.

Now I’m wishing I had just spent the extra money on RGBW bulbs for that one room…

I’m using this grouping smartapp with the default Zigbee RGBW bulb. However, I can set everything except for the colour of the lights.

Any thoughts?

I don’t recall if I had used this app at the time but I did find an app that allowed you to make one bulb a “Master” and the rest slaves. I think it was two device handlers and an app. What you did was set the color of the master bulb and the slaves followed suit. I don’t set color that often and I didn’t like the interface of the app so I am not doing that now.

I used CoRE to achieve this for my Osram Gardenspot Minis. Here is a link to the Piston I used :

Thanks for the link. From what I see you are automating your lights to change colour randomly. I love it… but that’s not what I’m trying to do. I want to pick a mood (let’s say a blue light) and have both lights change at the same time.

That doesn’t seem to be what your code would do. If I’m understanding it correctly.

I want to sync level, hue, saturation and colour temp.

I might be able to do 4 different CoRE pistons to make this work, but that’s pretty tedious.

I assume you mean a smartApp? Yes, that’s basically what this is, but it doesn’t seem to be working for me. The colours don’t sync right.

If you could remember what smartapp you were using that would be great!

I believe this was it:

I posted at 19 and 20 about how I used it. Not positive this was it, I tried 2 but I found them both here.

The suck part is I searched for my name on the forum and these didnt even turn up so no shock I can’t find both

What I remember is one bulb was designated the master and the reset were slaves to is to they followed suit when the master was set to whatever.

Great addition! I have several Osram Flex Strips and grouping them together works great. Thanks!

So, using this app I can control my BR30 style RGB bulbs from the virtual app, no problem; so THANKS. However; weird issue i’m seeing is when trying to change the color form something like a Google Home; it can change the color 1 time from the google home; and then it doesn’t anymore. If you change the color via the app, you can then again change it via the google home…

When controlling the lights individually from google home; you can change the color as much as wanted… So not sure where the issues lies. Just getting into this stuff; but is there a log anywhere I can look into for errors with the code?

I had the exact same issue so I switched to using the trend setter smart app to control my group. They work great now.

Can you perhaps post the link to the app you are using?


Here you go.

Thanks. From what I’m reading it’s not quite what I’m looking for. That’s a great app to control multiple devices at a time, but unfortunately it doesn’t work for door sensors. It’s designed for lights and stuff like that.

I’ve been recommended to use CORE logic for this in another thread. I’m going to give it a try:

Does anyone know if this virtual switch like app works with Osram Lightify’s Dimmable Tunable White light bulbs found here?

I’d really like to tune them to a specific color temperature with a click of a button since the color resets to yellow if the physical like switch is turned off.


EDIT: I think i found it here – [UPDATED] Osram Lightify RGBW A19/BR30 US version (HA) DTH

I was experiencing this as well, I changed setColor to the following and it seems to have fixed it for me.

def setColor(value){
//log.debug “setColor(${value})”
// stupid hack to set the state the first time this device is used. Won’t select a color other than #FFFFFF without it.
sendEvent(name: “color”, value: value, data: value)

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Nice, Just pasted this into my system and got it running last night. Well done. Can use google home to command the colors and whites (Incandesent, Moonlight, Daylight…).