OSRAM Lightify OTA Updates with SmartThings?

I’ve been searching around and know that SmartThings supports OTA updates for zigbee devices, but it doesn’t seem to support OSRAM Lightify bulbs yet. Curious if anyone had any information on whether this is possible and/or if it is on the roadmap for the hub?

I only have 2 A19 bulbs, and I got those on sale, so I have no interest in buying a Lightify hub, but I would like to keep my bulbs updated.

I think I’ve read that you need a Hub to update the bulbs. I don’t own any, I am just sharing what I’ve read.

ST stated that they would be rolling out Osram firmware updates after the first of the year (so possibly anytime now). Since the devices sometimes power on when polled for firmware, ST is actively working on a solution (which very well may involve updating the firmware).

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Great! So your understanding is that they are going to support Osram firmware updates and it could be coming any time now?

Here’s a reference to the thread:

It just takes a little searching to find the information.

EDIT: We are done collecting beta users. If you added your name to the list, you will receive additional information shortly. Thanks!


Will the Osram OTA’s work with their LED strips also?

damn, missed the boat

is this functionality (OTA updates) limited to v2 hub?

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@Aaron I have Osram Lightify strips which are not working properly after the ZigBee update on hub v2. Is there a fix coming? Too many threads going on with similar issues. Thanks.

Please email your account information and names of the lights that are not working to beta@smartthings.com and we’ll start digging in

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What is your flex doing?

I’m having an issue with my lightify strips also. They keep going on and off and changing color by themselves. See below for my email to SmartThings and their response.
“My two OSRAM LIGHTIFY Flex RGBW strips keep randomly changing color and or turning off/on without any smart apps or manual control. See the picture attachment for an example of the device changing color on its own (circled in Red).”

"Victor (SmartThings)
Jan 12, 11:43 AM MST

Hey Robert

Thanks for contacting SmartThings Support! Very sorry for the trouble.

Recently, we have had a number of reports of OSRAM LIGHTIFY Bulbs turning on by themselves and well as changing colors in certain situations. We are currently working with OSRAM to get this issue resolved as it seems to be happening on different platforms outside of SmartThings as well.

I have forwarded your information to our developers so that they can check your Hub’s logs for any information that can assist with implementing a solution. Once more information is provided from their end I will let you know right away.

I apologize for the inconvenience but please let me know if you have any other questions or concerns in the meantime.


SmartThings Support"

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FYI, just rec’d notice that ST firmware is scheduled to update tomorrow & it appears that part of the package includes ORAM firmware update capability thru ST hub!!

My question is with the new update 0.16.12 coming today how d owe initiate an update to our Osram Lightify devices? Mine have been dropping like flies the last couple of weeks.

Either power them off and then on or go into the IDE and click Check Now. Only 5 can update at a time.

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I’m using a custom device type for my osram bulbs, will I need to switch them back to support OTA?

It should pick it up based upon it’s fingerprint.

The OTA updates will work regardless of the DTH. Mine updated using the “GE Link” DTH as I wanted to run my bulbs locally.