Osram LIGHTIFY GardenSpot Minis rgb - aap version

Get a fog machine and have perpetual fog so the lights can reflect off the mist. :smile: Might be good for Halloween!

If anyone is considering using their extra power supplies and controllers for other LED lights…

I was a bit curious about what was inside of these. I had the hope that the controller supported RGBW not just RGB. I thought there was a small chance the W connection was in there, just not used. Well, it is not.


I just got my GardenSpot Minis in the mail, and I am trying to pair them to my ST Hub. It, however, does not appear to be pairing correctly.

  1. Power on GardenSpots. (Spots flash 3x times)
  2. ST Hub, Add Thing
  3. Looking for Things (1 Thing Found!)
  4. Spots flash 3x times
  5. Tap to Configure (“Thing”)
  6. “Thing” device is noted with (“PLESE WAIT”)
  7. I wait… still waiting… give up waiting… (5-10min waiting)
  8. Tap Done

“Thing” appears in the device list. It however never completes or exits out of a “Please Wait” status.

On the latest ST Hub Firmware: 000.015.00008

I have also checked the ST Hub Event Log and can see the zbjoin event.
zbjoin: {“dni”:“5351”,“d”:“8418260000028528”,“capabilities”:“0E”,“endpoints”:[{“simple”:“03 0104 0102 00 09 0000 0003 0004 0005 0006 0008 0300 0B04 FC0F 01 0019”,“application”:“03”,“manufacturer”:“OSRAM”,“model”:“LIGHTIFY Gardenspot RGB”}]}

I have removed the device and repeated the process several times with the same behavior. I would appreciate anyone thoughts as to what I might be doing wrong or overlooking.

I wanted to post one of my videos here, since this community device handler helped with this project.

I was able with the of CoRE to setup my house for holiday lighting! This is the Halloween colors:

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Very nice! I like how you pulsate the colors between purple and orange. Would you mine sharing your Core piston?

Here it is! The hardest part is finding the right colors, the CoRE ones don’t always seem to match 100% what you think they should look like.

I use a virtual switch to start the piston, that way they only change colors like that when I want them to.

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And this is mine, using the same Follow Up principle:

I had the same problem. Here is what did to fix it.

  1. Remove Thing from ST
  2. Reset GardenSpot RGB
  3. Marketplace
  4. Things
  5. Lights & Switches
  6. Light Bulbs
  7. OSRAM
  8. OSRAM GardenSpot RGB
  9. Connect Now

You should see that it’s connected now and you can continue with set up.

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I had some issues with the sets I got from amazon factory. They were all obviously used some included free dirt on stakes.
My issues was when they paired with the hub they selected the new DTH. I could cycle power but not get a correct color change. Looked like no yellow or greens. I went in the IDE switched to the stock DTH. Cycled power to lights. They started working correctly. Could hit any color and level. So I then went back to the custom DTH and everything worked like it was supposed to?

Weird, just thought I’d toss out what I had to do for reference.

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Just an FYI, I had one of my Gardenspot strings become non-respondent. I had to delete it from smart things reset it by doing the blink blah blah , and then re-add it to ST. Then it was fine. I’m not sure why this happened. I didn’t change anything. And I have been running one piston from core fine for the last four months. It’s a sunset/sunrise piston.

I’ve had this happen to me several times but so far, just a simple power cycle has fixed the problem however annoying when it happens.

Yep. Thought a power cycle it be all that I needed. But not for me. I had to reset it and re-add it to SmartThings. It’s working fine now changing to a new color every seven minutes thanks to CoRE.


Same thing happened to me a number of times.

Me too, every 2-4 days one osram lightstrip or one of my osram a19 rgbw lights need a power cycle…

I had thought it was because they were too far from the rest of my my Zigbee network, but I put a couple of hue bulbs outside and they work fine.

Same here. I’m sure most of the people that have the Gardenspot strips it is the furthest thing away from their hub. Because it is outside. As is the case for me. It is on the edge of my zigbee mesh.

All is well on the Eastern front after resetting the strip. Everything is back to normal with my core piston. I used to have zigbee bulbs outside-- wemo LEDs. But I have replaced them with LIFX. I don’t look forward to voiding my warranty with LIFX, but I do look forward to seeing how they do in 0° temperatures! I guess the curiosity is worth the price.

Support had to cycle something on their end. Support said there was nothing I could do on my side. The issue appeared to be in the hubs handling of the device type.

It’s working now.

I have three a19 color osrams in a light pole outside. Only one fails. I think it my be using a repeter that acts up…

Anyone notice the change in the SmartThings app for the GardenSpot Mini color controls? You used to have the ability to select the color from the color wheel and it gave you the name of the color on the details screen for the device…now that is not there and so if you have independent strips it is almost impossible to match the colors. This happened sometime between Sunday and Tuesday. :sob:

Anyone have any suggestions?

I noticed that too. Not a good change.

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