Osram Lightify Flex Strip - can I use the 120V version in the UK?

(Rob Moore) #1

It seems everywhere is selling the 120V version not 240V.

So I’m after a place to buy the 240V version or confirmation the 120V ones will work with Smartthings.

My research suggests provided I get a voltage step-down transformer, Zigbee will work.

Any thoughts?

(Kraeg) #2

Wouldn’t it be cheaper to get the Philip Hue Strip? That’s out in the UK and it works with SmartThings

(Rob Moore) #3

I cannot see the Philips 2m kit for less than £63 (Maplin). I bought the 120v Osram kits for £22 each (didn’t notice voltage). So even with a voltage converter at £15 I’m £25 better off with Osram per kit (and I have four…)

(Robin) #4

I found that the Osram Strips (uk version) kept dropping off the mesh and were a PIA to reset and include (lots of quick power toggling that never got me anywhere).

In the end I bit the bullet and purchased a Fibaro RGBW module and a roll of regular RGBW flex from Amazon… Has far more functionality and been bug free for years!!

(Robin) #5

In relation to your original question, Osram use Zigbee so the US version will work when combined with a transformer… you might even get lucky and find the Osram power supply is rated for both voltages, worth checking the label.

(Rob Moore) #6

Really appreciate your reply Robin. Would it be a relatively quick task for you to paste the link to either the LED strips that you did buy or something equivalent? There are so many out there and I don’t know what comprises quality or suitability. My other question, and it may be related, is how does one physically connect a generic LED strip to the fibaro controller? I’m imagining some soldering…

(Rob Moore) #7

Just opened one of the boxes for the 4 Flex strip sets and they are just the 2 x 2ft extenders not the starter kit as on the front of the box! No zigbee module and no power supply. I’ve been mis-sold… The strips themselves state 6W 12v. Torn between sending them back or keeping them as extenders if I stay with Osram

(Robin) #8

This thread should be all you need… saves me going through everything again :sunglasses: