OSRAM Lightify Dimmer and Color Status Inaccurate

I have two color changing OSRAM Lightify devices now (Flex and a BR30). When I adjust color temperature and brightness in the app I find things work as expected (temp/luminosity adjust accordingly). However, when I close the app and come back after a while I find the app almost always indicates color temp and brightness settings at 2700k and 99%, regardless of their actual status. I have a series of questions:

  • How can I get the Smart Things app to maintain proper state? Is there a Smart App that queries the bulb to check status when I open the app? That’s just one idea…
  • How come the app shows 99% as the max? The perfectionist in me wants to understand how to drive the units at 100% (true PWM duty cycle of “always on” which would actually have a meaningful positive impact on lifespan of the drive components).
  • Is there a form of digital entry instead of the stupid analog slider? I’ve found myself repeatedly frustrated as I try to slide back and forth to hit the 10% mark for brightness.

Are you using the physical Osram Dimming switch or just the app? The 99% max brightness I have observed as well but only when I utilize the physical switch & a community device handler. (For reference, I am using the gardenspots, flex tape, & A19 bulbs) but it hasn’t altered the performance in any significant way, not sure if it would alter the lifespan since the dimming is the device itself & not simply adjusting power to the main component. I haven’t seen the temp change from where I had set it. I do however feel your pain with the sliders. I’ve just come to grips that it is not an instantaneous response & lags. Most of the time (I’d say 90-95%) my lights are being adjusted via automation so I don’t encounter the issue.

I’m exclusively interacting via the Smart Things app and the default Thing it recognized as.

For the record I also see, but don’t mind, the lag.