Osram Lightify 4 button zigbee DTH needed

looking for a skilled guy or lady to help me get a device handler up and running for this device:


I bought before i realized there was not a community DTH for it but this form factor will be perfect for boosting the xAF around my house. (always a good thing with this hobby!)

There has been a lot of discussion and work done on the 2 button device (which i also have and it works perfectly for me), but no go so far on the 4 button device.

I attempted to read some of the documentation but I am not a coder per se. I have captured the cluster (?) info upon join.

One other strange (?) thing about this device is that it currently turns ALL the zigbee devices on and off! (cree, GE link, Osram Lightify, iris)

So… is anyone interested in tackling this with me?

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Bump on this - any luck anyone???