Osram led strip alternative?

I just bought 2 Osram lightify kits with controller from Lowes they had them cheapest at $60. Extention pack is ridiculously priced at 2-24 inch strips for $40. Especially, since LEDs on ebay are way cheaper. My question is; is there a cheap brand of RGBW Led strip that works with the lightify controller and is the correct size?

I would think most 5 wire strips would work but . . . I wouldn’t think the colors or brightness would match exactly.

This site has been posted before and has good Lightify prices though I’ve never bought anything from them:

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I was thinking less than a dollar per foot. Ebay has some that are way cheaper but I’ve noticed some are configured different like +GRBW instead of +RGWB.

Just buy some Chinese rgbw leds from aliexpress and use fibaro rgbw controller.

For the W channel, does osram Strip use cool or warm white?
This way the appropriate rgbw or rgbww strip could be ordered and still look right as color/color temp goes from the in app picker.

That’s exactly my issue. The osram lights are 3 single round RGB leds with a separate led for white right next to it every six inches so it actually does both cool and warm. I guess that’s why they’re more expensive. Plus, the pinout is different from all the cheap ones i can find or even standard ribbon wires for leds

For reference, here’s a closeup of one of the osram strips

Yes, they do cool and warm. But do they use the White LED for warm, and mix all three colors equal for cool? Or vice versa? The main question is the white LED itself is it warm or cool.

nobody knows how the CW / WW is generated?

The question is the W channel Warm white or Cool white?
Obviously one of the 2 (likely cool) is a combination of colors. Therefore the actual white LEDs would Warm.
But the possibility is that it’s cool white as white channel and uses some red-green to warm it to a yellow tone.

The type of W led makes the difference on which strip to buy.

The white are warm & it uses mix of colors for cool

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