OSRAM Flex Full Color Control?

Ah okay. I thought your “Flex was ANYCOLORBUTRED and” post was asking for a different type of piston.

I copied your piston (my trigger was a motion detector since I don’t have a Minimote) and this is a video of the results.

It does not actually turn off, seems to try and set a color, then you can see the 2 sec pause, and finally the level and color are set.

If you write longer pistons, that web view will become your best friend when you are trying to walk through your piston logic. lol

Ah, sorry for the confusion. I was describing my general use case of “get the Flex to come up with a new color and only the new color regardless of what was previously set”

I’m guessing that’s just not possible at this point given that your use case is more about cycling between colors but it’s ok for the Flex to stay active during the cycling eh?

Yes, I have this Flex and a RGBW Lightify bulb that cycle through colors and level while they are both active.

Have you tried something like this:

Turn Off
Set level to 20%
Set color random
Turn On

Yup, I’ve literally done exactly that. My guess is the Flex firmware is queuing the color change command until after the hardware is on (the behavior is consistent, only the fact that it’s happening in Flex firmware, as opposed to ST controls, is a guess).

No matter how I separate the events, color changes do not seem to process until after the light is active. I actually have 3 lights controlled in the same room via a wired switch and triggers a piston to turn them all on (and set the colorTEMP to “6500k”). I’ve tried a piston with the same switch that does a “change to DEEP RED then turn off” but it seems to OFF is performed too quickly such that the color change never actually takes effect. I’m going to try adding a delay, but that’s annoying.

I wonder if the HUE strip could handle this. Might be worth a try to buy one for testing over the weekend and then just return it if it does not work either.

Just had another thought. Have you tried not actually turning the Flex off, but instead setting the level to 0%. That might keep it “alive” and let it process the color change and then dim back up to the 20%. You might need the 2 second delay to let it cycle to the correct color. So you’d have something like this…

Set level to 0%
Set color random
Wait 2 sec
Set level to 20%

Unfortunately this doesn’t work. It seems the Flex is “smart” enough to know that “0% means off” but not quite smart enough to let me handle color changes before activating :slight_smile:

In other news, it seems impossible to contact the official German home base for OSRAM via email or the web. I’ve been trying for quite a while now with no reply.