OSRAM E27 Edison Screw A60 ES 10W LED Lightify RGB Light Bulb

Hi Lake, if you’re using my devicetype (link in 1st post), then you should be able to select them under the color temperature section of the app, not the color section. That way there is no conversion from color temp to RGB values and you should get the exact color temp white light. You should see setColorTemperature being called instead of setColor in the logs.

Aha, thats the problem. I am using them as ST detected them without any custom device types. Thanks! And sorry im a noob :slight_smile:


No problem. We all started there and it’s a shame that the first thing I do now when connecting a new device is check for a community devicetype with more functionality.

I’ll be submitting it to ST soon, but I might strip it down some first.

Don’t forget that custom device types won’t run local, but if you’re using circadian app, it won’t either.

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Hey @LakeEnd glad it worked out :slight_smile:

Thanks both, it is now working really nicely.

As somewhat unrelated question: Whats the best way or smartapp to control a set of smart lights. Like I mentioned I have light rails with 4 Lightify bulbs which I would like to control as a group. Now I have Circadian Daylight controlling these by default, but sometimes I might wish to dim the group, change the color or whatever manually. Currently to do that I would need to adjust each light individually, there probably is a better way of controlling a set of smart lights?

There are many ways to do this.

Officially, the suggested method is to use the “smart lights” smart app which is the one that let you tie lights to all kinds of things, including other lights or switches. So basically you pick one light as the master and have all the others follow it.


The problem is it right now it has a bug and set level doesn’t work correctly.

Before V2 of the official mobile app, there were a number of community created smart apps that let you group lights all different kinds of ways, including “dim and dimmer”, “The big switch”, “dim with me”, “Scene machine” and several more.

Most of these are still available in the community created smart app section of the forum if you want to use one of those until smart lights is fixed.


Also, you probably already know this, but for those who are new to using custom code in smart things, here’s the FAQ on that:

Thank you JDR, will look into those custom smartapps :+1:

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These bulbs are great for lamps, uplighters etc…, but are there any Lightify down lighters which will also connect up with Smart Things? It’d be great to get a couple for my hall.

Here is their product catalog: http://www.osram.com/osram_com/products/led-technology/lightify/lightify-home/index.jsp

£36 for a ceiling light is a bit steep. Might have to research other choices.

The GU10 / PAR16 downlighters are particularly expensive…

but having now got four of them as well as some of the E27’s I can confirm

They are really bright … they give something like double the Lumen output of the hue equivalent.

They are 58mm high and the Hue’s are 85mm which means less likely to fit into standard height downlighter cages.

I have another 11 to buy to fully light the kitchen and living room but I am holding out as Osram are in the process of delivering a RGBW downlighter seemingly in addition to the existing Tuneable white downlighter. Best date I have found for their release (on a German website) is 1st December.


So I am holding off for now but will definitely be getting the new ones.

As far as cheaper Osram’s German lighting websites (and google translate) may become your best friends.

The OSRAM E27 lightify bulb on Amazon UK is currently part of the lightning deals today for the price of 15.50 GBP, currently ~3 hours left til the deal ends if anyone is interested…


arghh gutted - i must of missed that deal by minutes :frowning:

Seriously considering buying the hub just so I can update the bulbs firmware. I’m constantly waking up / getting home to find that bulbs have magically turned themselves on. Becoming a waste of electricity. Becoming a daily occurance now!

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That’s it…order placed. Just woken up and various lights have turned themselves on throughout the night for no reason. I can’t keep having this happening. Surely others are having this problem?

Yes, on occasion but I only have 2 bulbs at the moment and only seems to happen every couple of weeks

I wouldn’t rely on a firmware update to cure this behaviour; I have the hub and my Lightify bulbs do this anyway.

I’ve now got seven of these and bought the hub just to do the firmware update.

They are much better after the firmware update but… One of the seven bulbs does seem to crash every few days… Power off and on at the switch seems to clear it temporarily

That’s not good… Is there a reason why this is happening? Should we be contacting Osram or Samsung? Is it potentially an issue with the Device Type being used?

I have 4 bulbs in use, and it seems to be one of them every day or so.

Could be the device type but having used the original auto detected hie type and now the ST community specific driver not seeing any difference in performance,

An thinking of returning that one bulb to Amazon for a replacement.