Osram Classic A60 RGBW - Won't stay on Blue

Just wondering if this is just me or if i have 2 faulty bulbs?

I bought 2 Osram RGBW from amazon and i can not for the life of me get them to stay on blue of any hue. every other colour works fine. What happens is i go into smartthing app change the hue on the corresponding bulb to Blue the bulb then skips through a few shades of blue white colour goes to blue for a nanosec then skips back to white.

I’ve tried deleting and readding and also resetting, the firmware version is 0x01020412

So am i missing something?

Frustrated is an understatement with these bulbs… my only conclusion is they are not worth the money.

Sending them back to Amazon for a refund, i suppose this is what happens when you buy cheap crap.

Ok so after much faffing around i decided to uninstall the bulbs from smartthings hub i reset them and added them to my Hue hub.

And… tada working no problems Blue and Green other colours are more vibrant as well. So i uninstalled from my Hue hub reset the bulb and re added to my Smartthings hub and the same problem no Blue or Green and other colours looked very washed out.

So problem solved and it was the smarthtings app/network causing the issues.

You can fix this by choosing a better device handler. If you do a quick search on this forum, you’ll find plenty of options.

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