Osram Bulb mixup

TL;DR: I’m either missing a color bulb, or one of these bulbs is pretending to be a temperature bulb. Help me please.

I had some leftover osram recessed temperature bulbs, not sure how many. I recently purchased 6 osram recessed RGBW bulbs for our kids room reno coming up.

I already had the temperature bulbs in my ST app previously. I tested, then added the 6 RGBW bulbs and set them apart from the temperature bulbs since they look identical and most of them didn’t show up as RGBW until I changed the DH manually.

Both kinds of lights sat in their separate boxes…until some “helpful” person decided to relocate them…and mix them together. 5 of 6 RGBW bulbs were easy. Simple on/off in the app and we were in business. But now I have 4 mystery bulbs that were unresponsive in the ST app.

Eventually I had to remove and re-add the four. I’ve tried the RGBW DH on all four, trying to find my hiding 6th RGBW bulb, but they didn’t respond to color. I tried updating the firmware via IDE as well.

So I either have an RGBW bulb missing, or one of these isn’t playing ball. Now I’m checking model numbers and anything else I can think of to find this sucker. Any ideas?

They really don’t have any kind of markings with a model # or something on them to distinguish them?

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Finally found one looks like all my RGBW bulbs are #7341 and the others are #7342. That could just distinguish older models from the smart+ models but chances are, I’m just missing a bulb. Arg!