ORVIBO motion sensors

Hi All,
Kind of a newbie getting to grips with the new Edge drivers so please bear with me.
I have the below question which I would like to get answers to:

  1. I bought a brand new ORVIBO motion sensor (ZIGBEE) for my ST hub which when I pair it with the
    HUB it works perfectly.
    I then bought a pair exactly the same from Ebay which were pre owned, when I connect these to
    the HUB they come up as a “thing” and I am not able to do anything with them. My question is why
    would the same version of a device be treated differently by the HUB?

  2. When I press the three dots in the top right of the device screen, there is no driver option that
    appears - which from what I have been reading means it is still being controlled via a custom device
    handler. The issue is - the “add device handler” option on my account no longer exists - I assume
    this is to do with the new migration to EDGE?

what do I do in the mean time? I was under the impression device handlers already being used would not be deactivated, yet I have no option to add a DH.

Any info would be great

I can’t answer the other questions, but the simple answer on this one is that the firmware is different.

The new SmartThings architecture is very dependent on using device “fingerprints” (that same internal information) to match the device to the correct Edge Driver. Which means every internal variation has to be individually added to each edge driver or it might pick a different one.

It’s possible your two sensors have different internal fingerprints.

There are some other possibilities.

The device might need to be factory reset before pairing, although then it shouldn’t pair to ST at all, so I don’t think that applies in this case.

Or the device might come from a batch of returns or factory rejects. These get sold as salvage and then sometimes turn up on eBay for individual sale. This is one reason many companies won’t honor warranties on devices sold through eBay.

Or the device might be counterfeit. This is more common on Ali Baba than eBay, but it can happen.

Anyway, I personally don’t buy electronics from ebay for all these reasons, so I’m probably the wrong person to comment further. If it was me, I’d return the nonworking models and buy new from an authorized retailer. But that’s just me.

Anyway, the point is there are several reasons why two identical looking devices with the same model number might pair differently, and the new Edge architecture is a little more susceptible to this than the old platform was. :thinking: