Orsam Lightify Garden Spots

Garden spots will connect directly to the ST hub. You lose the color loop option but I think that’s it.

Osram Lightify has a published API, but no one has created an integration with it because the bulbs will pair directly to smartthings.

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But you still need their hub/bridge like you do with Hue, correct?

No, you do not Need* the osram hub.

*The only thing you would need their hub for is to update the device firmware(before pairing it to ST, and this is only if you wish to do so they should pair without the update) - Technically updating the firmware could make them more stable, personally I have updated the firmware on my osram bulbs.

Thanks for the help. The last thing I wanted was a 3rd bridge/hub. I’m going to order the Garden Spots today and get them connected over the weekend!

No problem, for reference here are some relevant threads.

The Hue device bridges LAN communication and Zigbee light link. Other devices like the SmartThings hub or the Staples connect hub or Logitech Harmony or echo talk to the Hue bridge via LAN. Then the Hue bridge issues the ZLL commands to the individual Hue bulbs. (While technically possible to connect an individual Hue bulb directly to the smartthings hub without using the Hue bridge, that is not the officially supported method.)

The Osram Lightify Gateway sounds like it would do the same thing, but until recently, it didn’t. There was no way for the SmartThings hub to talk to the Lightify Gateway. However, the individual Osram lightify bulbs could be connected directly to the smartthings hub through an official integration.

So officially, the SmartThings integration with Hue is through the bridge, and the official integration with Osram is direct connection to the individual bulb.

Osram Very recently released an open API to allow third party connection to the gateway, but I don’t think anyone has actually tried the gateway integration yet with SmartThings.

I read some Amazon reviews and there are some who have integrated directly to the ST’s Hub. I’m ordering them now and will connect them tomorrow. I’m hoping that dimming and color and can be controlled through ST’s. I haven’t found a better walkway lighting solution yet that would/might work with ST’s.

I’ll be sure to let you know how it turns out.

The Osram devices definitely can be color, dimmable, and tempererature(for applicable devices) controlled directly form ST, I have some.

What they can’t do are color loop and specialty scenes like @celblazer mentioned


Many people have connected the Osram Lightify gardenspots as well as Osram Lightify A19 bulbs directly to the smartthings hub – – that’s an officially supported integration. They’re on the official compatibility list. It’s connecting to the lightify gateway that is new.

You will find much discussion of the Gardenspots if you search the forum, including photos in some of the gallery topics. :sunglasses:

Here’s the official support article on the Gardenspots:



I have a set, love them. Works with ST directly. as far as the color loop thing, I saw someone wrote a smart app to do that. I have not played with it.

The color loop app works well. My kid loves it.


What is color loop?

Where can I get the color loop app?

Sorry I forgot I’m using Rule Machine which isn’t available anymore. :frowning: But a new one is in the works I see.


I realize this thread has been inactive for a while. But wondering if anyone can provide tips to help ST discover the Orsam Garden LIghts. I have tried plugging, unplugging several times and it still is not discovering. Any help would be appreciated.

In my experience they have to be really close to the hub to pair. Hopefully you haven’t put them in the ground yet. It takes several attempts. Unplug and replug them five time to put them in pairing mode.

I had some difficulty pairing until I updated the firmware. I had to purchase an Sylvania hub to do that. Once updated, it worked like a charm. My spotlight firmware is 0x01020492

Good news is that the gateway hub is almost free, you do have to buy a Sylvania smart bulb for $8.69