Original Xiaomi Smart wireless switch as a doorbell switch... any 3D designers out there?

I know a lot of us are fans of the original Xiaomi Smart Wireless switches. They are dirt cheap and get the job done!

I wanted to see if any folks on the Smart Things community might be able to create an enclosure for the switch that can be 3D printed so the switch can be used as a doorbell switch outside of the house?

Either that or has someone disassembled one of these switches so we can put the actual guts in a waterproof enclosure so it can be used as a doorbell switch.

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Neat idea. You could also hard wire a xiaomi contact sensor to a mechanical switch that is waterproof.


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Does the Xiaomi Contact Sensor allow for an external input?
From what I have seen for the Xiaomi Contact Sensors you end up having to solder things.
I know there are other contact sensors that do allow for external inputs, but they tend to be pretty big in size.

It would require some soldering for the xiaomi sensor. Yeah the only contact sensor with external inputs that I know of is a bit bulky but maybe if you took it out of the plastic housing you could save some room.