Original & Aqara Xiaomi Zigbee Sensors (contact, temp, motion, button, outlet, leak, etc)

What would be the smartest way to go about this? Take the old DTH and strip out the fluff or start with the default Zigbee Multi Button handler and add the required lines?

Adding individual component buttons sounds to me sounds like the best, future-proof approach. How would I go about this?

Thanks, i was doing it from ~3 feet away (which worked for other Aqara sensors). tried it again right on top of the hub and after ~10 failed attempts if finally paired.

I have 8 Aquara door sensors which I deeply hate for their constant disconnections. They seem to have stabilized for a while, except for the front door sensor which still disconnects from time to time. Do you have any advice for me? It’s less than 5 meters from the Hub, I don’t think it’s a signal problem. Maybe the nearby alarm sensor is interfering? Maybe the white iron frame around the door is a problem? Maybe it is simply a poor product?

Add one or two IKEA powerplugs to your setup. I have quite a few Aqara sensors in my house and they were going offline bit too often, but have not had any problems since I added Ikea power plugs. Make sure your aqara devices pair with them, not directly with the hub.


I already have a repeater, even if from the IDE I don’t see if it is connected to that or not. I noticed however that all aqara sensors are connected to other devices, and only this one leads to the hub, and in fact it is the one that always disconnects. How could I force connection to other devices?

It’s not any repeater, but specifically a repeater that plays well with the Aqara sensors. The IKEA plugs are known to work well for keeping connected to Aqara devices.


Ok, I have one of this, but I don’t understand, How can I get the aqara connected to the kea repeaters? It seems to me that the devices automatically decide what to connect to, and Ikea repeaters I don’t see them in the ide as devices connected in the meah network

Currently i am using bspranger device handler for window and leak sensor. But my leak sensor stopped working and deleted the device from smarthings, now not able to pair again in new smartthings app. Can someone recommend new DTH or way forward to pair this.

Do you have an IKEA plug (which works as a plug and a repeater) or one of the IKEA Tradfri Signal Repeaters? The first one should add easily - I don’t know if anyone has added a signal repeater on its own…

Perhaps a solution for those with Aqara sensors that disconnect. I saw that only the sensors connected directly to the hub disconnected, while those connected via a different device worked fine. I have connected all the aqara through different devices, and now none are disconnecting.

For what it’s worth - historically those connected to the hub directly had no trouble and those connected through most repeaters did - thinking any repeater except an XBEE or on IKEA plug… that was always my experience… (I have about 30 Aquara/ Xiami devices)

Maybe things have changed - I have about 7 XBEEs and it’s kept my Aquara/ Xiaomis very stable

I just bought the Aqara and pulled the DH for the Temp/Humidity Sensor and Water Leak sensor. I was able to join the Temp/Humudity and it reads temp/humidity. For the water leak sensor, it’s able to join, but appears grey inside Smartthings android app. It seems like it SmartThings cannot connect? On the smartthings.com, I notice the Water Leak sensor shows up as a generic “Thing” type instead of something like ~“Xiaomi Aqara …”. I’ve tried rejoining and with 2 water leak sensor, same results on both :frowning:

I’m on SmartTHings v3 hub. Anyone have suggestion or tip to troubleshoot? Thx!

@orangebucket any plans to make an Edge version of your Xiaomi/Aqara integration?

None at all, I’m afraid. I only have superficial understanding of Zigbee and the drivers achieved their purpose of tiding me over until I could replace all my Aqara devices with other even cheaper crap.

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wait there are cheaper sensors than crappy Aqara??? do tell :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:
I’m a glutton for punishment

I generally pay less for IKEA stuff and for next day delivery of Sonoff from official UK stockists than I did for delivery of Aqara from China, though I probably could have tried harder.

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Good tip on the Sonoff. Anyone else has experience with them on how solid they are?
I’m tired of the Aqara window sensors disconnecting. I reconnected them all a month ago and now I have 3/9 disconnected again. Strangely enough the Aqara Temp sensor has been connected for a year without issues.

I have sonoff motion sensor, contact sensor, push button, and zbmini relays. They all work reliability and they do not need custom code. I believe there is already an edge driver for the motion detector.

you can follow https://github.com/varzac/EdgeDrivers
The profile says that Zach is working for ST.
But I was not able to connect any Xiaomi devices due to issues with the fingerprints of Edge devices
here is my post for upvote
Edge Fingerprint problem for Xiaomi devices