Original & Aqara Xiaomi Zigbee Sensors (contact, temp, motion, button, outlet, leak, etc)

Are you looking at the list of devices, or the details for an individual device? It’s on the details page for each device.

I can only see the next hop when I look at the device page on the phone, so I now can at least see it somewhere.

I was trying to find a way to buy Brian a drink for his hard work. Total noob here and appreciate the work that Brian put into this so that I could add a bunch of cheap moisture sensors.

The last thing I want is a leak in the Black Pearl while I am drunk on rum punch. You know that I can’t trust the scallywags in my crew

Did you ever figure out how to set the Sensitivity Level to High ?.

I used a different DH from bspranger and it solved whatever issue I had

This won’t work because I have not yet implemented that feature in my Vibration Sensor device handler.

Can you please explain a little bit more? I have the same issue

What DH have you used?


The hub I have was working with the motion and various other Xiaomi sensors until my hub received 000.028.00012. Any advise would be helpful.

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Same here, everything was working great and since the hub update all my xiaomi devices are dropping off, door,motion,temperature,leak

When did you receive 28.00012 ?? That isn’t new is it…?
Hmm… No problems here…
Which DH’s are you using…? Do you have other devices failing…?

That firmware went out in early December so most likely not the issue.

I think I am missing something here - does the vibration sensor work directly with Smartthings?

Same problem here. All Xiaomi Motion sensors suddenly stopped working at the same time (21january) open close sensors still work.

I’ll chime in that my various xiaomi sensors have also been falling offline and attempts to re-join them using the various methods described in this thread either don’t work (leak sensors in particular) or work for a few hours then fall back of (motion sensors).

Look for an old post of mine (maybe 2-3 months ago) for some quick help. As these sensors are not fuly Zigbee compliant with respect to the standard ST uses they will drop off if they use a repeater that doesn’t get their slow traffic.
In the IDE you can check to see what hop they have attached to in the mesh. I find I have to make sure when joined that “Home Hub” must be the next hop. ST has made allowances for these devices and their infrequent/sleepy communications.

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That could very well be the reason…
Maybe you all have a type of mains powered Zigbee device in common, that got updated or fell off the Zigbee mesh…?

I have several aqara and SmartThings sensors.
2 weeks ago all the sensors dropped out of the mesh network. I successfully paired all of them again. Last week one of the aqara temp sensors dropped again and I can’t pair it again.
Every time it stays paired for a couple of hours and them drops again. The battery level never shows up and the next hop is the home hub.
Any suggestions?

I have 1 xiaomi motion sensor fell off the network last week, and it fell off hours later after each re-paired.

I replaced it with an Aqara motion sensor, it is the same; kept dropping…

So recently I had 2/3 of my zigbee devices fall offline. mostly. Xiaomi devices.

Turns out I plugged in a USB 3 device near my smartthings hub. Unplugged it and bingo!

Worth looking at any interference of power near your hub for them users that see often disconnections of their sensors.