Original & Aqara Xiaomi Zigbee Sensors (contact, temp, motion, button, outlet, leak, etc)

I got the non neutral version on the xiaomi wired wall switch and connected it up and it works lovely. I then tried to pair it with ST by the following method.

Held down on button for 5 secs and put ST into discovery mode
ST discovered a thing so I added it and went to ide
I created new device handler from link I got from community which everyone on the post agreed it worked but alot of talk about the catchall method ???
I went into my devices in ide and changed the wall switches handler to the new one I just added.
5 I gave it an hour and everything seemed hunky dory
Result - I can switch the lights locally and can see the toggling on my ST app but I can’t switch the lights via the app ???

This catchall method is an obvious step I’ve missed but can’t figure out what it is and how to do it if this is indeed the problem


Is this a 120v or 220v device?

It is a 220 volt device

Figured as much

Thanks Brian

Hi guys,
I am new with ST.
I have the aqara button WXKG11LM and a hub v2.
I have tried with both groovy codes from Terk and Bspranger.
The device was added easily, the event list shows it sees its battery life and when a button is pressed.
My issue is on the smartthings app, when I click on it, I have the following error message: “Can’t connect to the device. Check it try again”.

I have tried with a second button I have, same issue.

I really don’t know what to do from here.
I anyone can help me that would be great.

Are you using the new app or the classic app. I believe you must use the classic app.


I am using STv2 hub, and few devices like hue, harmony, xiaomi sensor. In the classic app everything is fine, but in new app the custom DTH are showing as checking status (cant connect to device), but hue, harmony working fine, any details on this.

My understanding is that the new app does not support custom device handlers yet. While Samsung has released the new app for some devices that require it, they have not yet recommended the ST community as a whole to start using it. Stay on Classic until the new app is fully cooked.

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hi! i justs used your device handlers to pair two contact sensors and a leak sensor. worked great and paired really easily!! small question though why can’t i create any automations for them?

In the Classic app, you’re only able to create automations for the leak sensors through the Smart Home Monitor smartapp. The contact sensors should be available to other routines though. First step would be to double check what DH they’re using.

found my issue i think…the leak sensor and one of the contact sensors went offline… i tried restarting the hub but they are still disconnected…

Not sure if this is a new Aqara sensor type that needs to be added to the DTH or not …

It’s called a “smart motion sensor” as opposed to the “human motion sensor.” It looks like it uses gyroscope tech to detect if the sensor is moved, vibrates, etc.

Yes, because the new app still does not support custom device handlers. Xiaomi uses custom Device Type Handlers which a lot of people worked on to get right. However, not supported yet in the new app. Use the classic if you need them.

New app does not support custom DTHs yet - Xiaomi not going to work.

Yes the classic serve the purpose very well.

I have 2 of these sensors coming hopefully I can get it working cause it makes more sense for door movement than having a full Motion sensor with the gambit of sensors in them (meaning cheaper :slight_smile: ) Ill let you know when it shows up… And from what I have been reading the new Smartthings won’t let you add new items I wonder if you can force it through the web interface… What I didn’t like was the Bait and switch they did. I was totally in the first 50 and still had to pay $11.99 not the $5.99 as advertised. Online support said I missed the window. Even though an hour and a half later their inventory didn’t reflect more than 30 sold…

I tried waking up at 4 am CST on two different mornings to be one of the first 50. But I couldn’t see the $5.99 price so I didn’t buy them. I really didn’t want to pay more until I heard that they worked. I bought a few of the other Aqara sensors and buttons that were on sale though. But that website can be a hot mess sometimes when it comes to showing the better prices. I’ve sometimes had to renavigate or switch devices to get the lower price to show up. But overall it’s a good source for cheap Aqara sensors when they have a flash sale.

I’m planning to get one of these to use as a washing machine sensor so hopefully one of the guys can get this going or I’ll can have a stab at it with my limited knowledge… As far as using it for motion sensing the PIR ones work flawlessly anyway, unless you need a actual window breakage sensor?

Hi does any one know how to pair the aqara wall switch no natural wire ?