Original & Aqara Xiaomi Zigbee Sensors (contact, temp, motion, button, outlet, leak, etc)

(Waterydan) #869

Thanks, but I don’t see any event with Parent ID. Is it under “Live Logging” section? Also do I need to reconnect the sensors to go through the repeaters?

(Keith G) #870

It’s not listed in the release notes for the update. But perhaps you should ask this question on that thread.

Support for multiple endpoints can’t be added to device handlers until it’s fully documented, and I also don’t see that anywhere in the ST developer documentation web pages either.

You literally just asked this same question in your post above this one. Anyone reading this post can see your first question. Why are you asking again?

(Max Tay) #871

Multiple threads open in multiple tabs :slight_smile: I thought it was another thread.

(Luc Monfette) #872

try this, it will solve your problems

(Adam Wolff) #873

Do these work with the V1 Hub? Looking to pick up motion and humidity sensors

(Brian Spranger) #874

No, only v2 hubs

(Adam Wolff) #875

Darn. Can I link the v1 with the xiaomi hub? Probably cheaper than buying a v2 hub (unless there are better benefits for a v2)

(Victor Sanchez) #876

i wanna add, some window door, can any one recommend the original Xiaomi or Anqara ? which one has the best range?

Can any one help me with this topic?

Thanks for the help

(dan) #877

all my xiaomi devices work flawlessly with the original smartthings app. however, with the migration to the new samsung connect app the xiaomi devices are stuck on “checking status” anyone seeing this? is there a fix out? this is for both the original and the new aqara sensors


The new app does not work with (most, perhaps all - I’ve not checked for a while) custom DTHs. A search would have told you that (its probably been asked at least once on each individual DTH thread).

Stick with the classic app until you’re told you have to move over.

(Giltechy) #879

I have xiaomi aqara switch to control my hue lights, it was working fine until today. suddenly it stopped working , when i pressed button the smartlight will switch on/off the hue lights, but today the action is triggered but lights not coming on/off, i deleted the smartlight rules and reconfigured and also restarted STv2 hub, with no luck.

The only addition i have done today is added motion sensor, but i have deleted all the rules related to motion sensor. is the problem with xiaomi switch or smartlighting app.