Original & Aqara Xiaomi Zigbee Sensors (contact, temp, motion, button, outlet, leak, etc)

Hold it between thumb & forefinger… squeeze… hold for about 5 seconds… Blue LED flashes…
ST finds it…
Works for me

Thanks! See it now…Just confused me what the screws are for. Do you know?

They are the contacts for water sensing… if water connects the two screws… it reports ‘wet’

ok. But I can´t connect it. Holding the button until it flashes and it won´t connect…

Found it. Never mind.

Hi @adale

It is listed as a switch, but is actually a wireless button… :slight_smile:
According to this thread, it’s works fine with ST:

Ok, but how add it? I tried, with no success, but will try more.

[BTW - no worries if you’re not close to 32 devices - the Xiaomis with these DTHs are solid until you’re getting there]

So this Friday I had another outage of 12 of my Xiaomi devices - all went off line (motion sensors, old and new temp/humidity, one old button). This is the second time in about 2 months - both times on a Friday night . Have spent most of weekend off and on repairing, ensuring they zbjoin to 0000, etc. etc. My hunch is that it’s about being so close to the 32 limit on the hub. (I’m way over it if you consider devices that have switched to some of my Smartthings repeaters - I’ve still never made it really work w/ the Xbees, though I can map).

My hypothesis is that non-xiaomi devices operating on the other repeaters opportunistically switch over to the hub while the Xiaomis are sleeping (I see them switch all the time off the smart plugs and onto the hub when I map w/ Xbees/XCTU) - and the paired Xiaomis don’t have a slot when they wake up. Again, just a hypothesis.

BTW, I did try just pushing the button to get them to reconnect - no joy, even when I got the new DNI from the catchall and updated the device.

A bit frustrating - I’m looking into zwave options for now until/ if they ever up the zigbee limit to 64.

Thnx for letting me vent!

Alec M.

I picked up a hubitat hub. I have it on my 2nd floor and ST in my basement. I am going to pair 2nd floor to hubitat and basement to ST, and split 1st floor based on location.

This will free up the ST hub so I am not at the 32 device limit and also give me more coverage for 2nd floor.

Jury is out on how well they will share information with each other.

Hi I have this DH’s below, I am confuse what I need to use?

a4refillpad : Xiaomi Door/Window Sensor
a4refillpad : Xiaomi Aqara Door/Window Sensor
bspranger : Xiaomi Door/Window Sensor
bspranger : Xiaomi Aqara Door/Window Sensor

The a4refillpad are old. Use bspranger.


Let us know, Brian! (and if they manage the Xiaomis)

I have the two-button version of that switch, and yes, the xiaomi-aqara-button device handler will work. After pairing, just manually change to that device handler.

After an update a week ago, all of my Xiaomi devices have remained connected to my Hubitat hub, and with the device drivers that I’ve made (adapted from Brian’s ST repository) they all work great. Especially the “original” Xiaomi Button from you - I was able give user’s full access to its multi-click capabilities! However, despite being really fast because the Hubitat runs everything locally, there’s no mobile App user interface. So there are tradeoffs…

Ok, but how do I pair it? Tried pressing the switch for many seconds and
just 3-4 seconds.

Do you have to use the catchall method?

What you mean by changing the DH? Doesn’t it use the DH mentioned below

Usually I just install the DH and it selects the required DH automatically.
Not sure how to change this?

Thank you for all replies but I have in my house Xiaomi and Aqara devices, so I have other question

bspranger : Xiaomi Aqara Door/Window Sensor - Can I use this for Xiaomi and Aqara?

There is a separate DH for the original.

They are all in the same repo on git hub.

My original Xiaomi contact sensor and motion sensor now work with new Smartthings app (samsung connect app renamed), they didn’t before. My Aqara sensors and the Xiaomi button are still not working in the new app though :).


Have you been given any information on the new cloud setup and DTH changes yet? With the new AWS based solution I would curious what help it might be.

Also With many of us relying on these DTH will you be looking at migrating to the new solution when it is available?

Thanks for all the work so far.

I have not seen anything about the new APIs.