Original & Aqara Xiaomi Zigbee Sensors (contact, temp, motion, button, outlet, leak, etc)

I have the same issue. Literally 2 feet from the hub and when I check Recent Activity, it shows reporting for about an hour and then drops off. At least they were inexpensive. I hate to think of having to go the 4in1 route at the cost of those

I had a lengthy power cut a few days ago and all my Xiaomi devices dropped off. It took a few goes and was a harder than usual to get them all to stick. All are back connected now.

anyone tried these yet:

Xiaomi Aqara OPPLE Wireless Scene Switch Zigbee 3.0

I put mine under the hub. Stayed on line for a few days. Moved next to the hub, it stopped reporting almost immediately. Just picked up an Iris motion sensor on ebay for $12. It reports humidity. The Aqara one is going in the trash.

What we said couple of months ago…

I think i am just going to invest in an Ambinnt Weather station (WS-50), and use this integration: [RELEASE] Ambient Weather Station: Integration of a Network Connected Ambient Weather Station
The indoor/outdoor sensors are 16.00.

Hmm… I’m having great success with the Xiaomi’s/Aqara’s…

Got both door-, motion-, temp/humidity-sensors, a multi sensor, and a variety of buttons/switches and all of them works flawlessly and are very stable…?

I did however pair them all the “proper” way and not with the Catch all method… I don’t know if that’s the problem in your case?

I also know that it all comes down to a strong and compatible Zigbee mesh/network with these devices…
For that i use IKEA products like bulbs and outlets…

Try to log in to the IDE and open the device page for your sensor (under “My devices”) and check if your sensor is connected directly to your hub or through another device, in the “Next Hop” field…
If it’s not connected directly to your Hub, that could be the problem…

From what i’ve read in this forum, it only take one incompatible zigbee repeater (other mains powered Zigbee devices of most forms) in your mesh to mess things up for the Xiaomi’s/Aqara’s…

If your sensor is connecting through another device (repeater), try to power of that device and repair the sensor, and then check if it’s connecting directly to the hub…

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Nope, but I’m curious about those as well as the new Xiaomi/Aqara double relay:

Might just buy one of each and try tinkering with them to see if I can put together DTH’s for them. Or send them to @veeceeoh and let him make much more functional DTH’s for them than I could likely hack together.

Similar here. I have 4 Xiaomi buttons, 4 Aqara leak sensors, 4 Xiaomi motion sensors, 2 Aqara motion sensors, 3 Aqara temp/humidity sensors, 2 Xiaomi door/window sensors, 1 Aqara magic cube, and 1 Aqara vibration sensor. They’ve been in service operating smoothly for anywhere between 1.5 and 2.5 years depending on the device, and other than a few very early struggles using the catchall method of pairing I’ve not had one drop from the network unless it’s battery went dead. Like you, I avoid the catchall pairing method if at all possible, use primarily Ikea Tradfri pocket sockets as zigbee repeaters, and have a strong zigbee mesh throughout my house.

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I did that 5-6 times. When I’s pair it would say the next hop is the hub.

Can I change the DTH to show the temperature instead of humidity in the Aqara temperature humidity sensor in the new app? On the old app it shows the temperature, in the new, humidity. In the xiaomi temperature sensor shows the temperature in both apps.

From a few posts up:

Funnily enough I’m using most of my Aqara temp/humidity sensors to control humidifiers, so I changed the code to prioritize humidity in the old app, and was really surprised that the change carried over to the new app. Turns out it actually didn’t carry over. :laughing:

I switched my DH to “SmartSense Temp/Humidity Sensor” and it’s now reporting temp on the main tile.

Someone suggested that if I switch back to the custom DH, it will still show temp, but I haven’t had a chance to try that.

I did exactly the same and now it shows temperature first, and did not change back and it still works.

Did you delete the device first and re-paired it with the “non-catch all” method…? (It can be a little tricky)

Thanks, that’s my case, sensor was connected to a repeater instead of being directly connected to the hub. Thanks, I didn’t know about it, hopefully that will fix it :slight_smile:

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Sometimes around May-June this year I was having a really hard time trying to keep my Aqara sensors connected. I add a Xbee to check my mesh. I realized 2 things - devices that were using Osram bulbs as repeaters were mostly the ones that were failing. I had also reached the limit of Zigbee devices. Bought a Zigbee repeater from @iharyadi, which has an extended range. I got rid of all my Osram Zigbee bulbs. I have had no failures since then. Over the next few months I have added 8 Zigbee wall switches. All I really needed was a strong Zigbee mesh and compatible routers.

Made an interesting observation while I was checking my mesh using Xbee. Say I have 2 routers, A and B. I added a new Zigbee device and it connected to A. Turned off router A and moved this newly added device close to B and far from A. Once I brought up A back again, this device jumped back to A even though it is sitting 2 inches from B, as if it remembered where it connected the first time it joined the network. I could replicate this behavior over and over. Not sure if this is a Zigbee behavior or Aqara behavior. In this case the device didn’t pick the best route.

Based on what I saw above, I do agree that devices should be added at their ultimate location. I used to always add devices next to my hub and then move them to ultimate location after a few days. This worked great as long as I was below the threshold. The Xbee really helped me figure out what was wrong with my Zigbee network.

Thanks to all for your suggestions and various posts across this forum. I couldn’t have figured all this out by myself.


How did you do this and what would I need?

Check this thread

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That helps a huge amount but can you provide link to xbee type bought?

If I was buying another one today, it would be a Xbee3. If you go through the thread I posted, you will find all the information you need, including XBee2 and 3 models and their settings.

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