Original & Aqara Xiaomi Zigbee Sensors (contact, temp, motion, button, outlet, leak, etc)

xiaomi temperature sensors working ok, but xiaomi/aqara motion sensor working not ok(drop connection after a few hours)

I cannot confirm that the SmartThings v3 hub has the dropped connection issue with Xiaomi devices because I only have a v2 hub.

However, I see the in the next post after yours from @Kidd reporting success of an Aqara Wireless Wall Switch working with a v3 hub.

But to answer your connection, I cannot help fix the dropped connection issue on any SmartThings device. It is not related to the device handlers (DTHs), but rather related to Xiaomi devices not following ZigBee HA (Home Automation) 1.2 standards.

Custom device handlers (DTHs) are still not officially supported in the new SmartThings mobile app.

Are you asking for help? If yes, then what hub are you using? And do you have any ZigBee repeater devices?

I’m using Samsung connect home. I don’t use any zigbee repeater

I have been using the hub 3.0 no problems with connection. Temp sensors updated as soon as I logged on ST classic, even the switch is still connected. Only thing I find with the switch is the lag time or have to double press button to get it to work.
Overall it’s working great. I’m just waiting on my single wired switches coming from China then my house be all up and working.

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My set up is

Philip’s Hue hub > 8 bulbs
ST hub > 1 wireless Xiaomi Switch & 4 temperature Sensors

Working apps Hue, Google home, Smartthings Classic & new one

I just realized you have posted earlier this year asking about Xiaomi/Aqara devices not working with your SamSung Connect Home:

What @mieomeo said in April 2018 is still true:

The disconnect problem is because Xiaomi/Aqara devices do not follow all Zigbee standards. It is not the fault of any SmartThings hub. However, the current firmware on the v2 hub, v3 hub and also the newest firmware for the Samsung Connect Home Pro (firmware v22.52 according to one user) allows Xiaomi Devices to remain connected.

Only a firmware update for the Samsung Connect Home could help, because there is no way to fix the problem on the Xiaomi/Aqara devices, and also no way to fix the problem in the device handlers (DTHs).

That’s great news! I’m not sure why you’re experiencing the lag time, but it may be related to “cloud” execution of the DTH code.

Hardware Version: Samsung Connect Home, US_CA
Firmware Version : 000.022.00052
“Xiaomi Temperature Humidity Sensor” is ok.
but with Xiaomi or Aqara Motion Sensor are not ok.

I have plenty of them since 2 weeks the working perfectly fine without any connection to all motion sensor I have more than six and they all working fine

what devicehandle do you use?


Does that mean that ST v3 with the current firmware will work without dropping connection ?
This is game changer for me as I have issue finding v2 hubs that send to Israel while v3 is easier to find .

What Xiaomi sensors you use except the the Temp one ?

I don’t have a v3 hub myself so I can’t make any guarantees, but user @Kidd has reported success:


I got rather strange situation. Among approx 10 Xiaomi devices I also have 2 Aqara motion detectors lumi.sensor_motion.aq2. One of them is occasionally unavailable but In the recent status I can see that the sensor is sending battery and illumination flux updates about once per hour, but it is not sending any motion update? I am running on v2 hub with the latest firmware.
Has anyone experienced similar behaviour?

After being stable for months my motion sensors are also dropping off. Only seems to be 2 of them out of the ten.

Perhaps new firmware was recently released on v2? As it’s only just occured for me in few days.

hi guys
After using the device handlers, do I also need a smartapp?

So today I decided to hook up my Aqara motion sensor that’s been sitting in my bin for awhile. My SmartThings hub detects it, but it doesn’t tell me when there’s motion.

Not sure if the battery is low or something, but when I wave my hand in front i don’t see it turn blue. I assuming it should go blue?

Should normal operating, when detecting motion have it light up blue?

No it doesn’t light up blue.

In normal operation the sensor will report motion and then shut up for a minute. If you want it to be more chatty while testing it simply press the button on it briefly and it goes into a range test mode for a couple of hours, during which time it reports all motion.

Hi, I have tried to search but nothing came up, maybe I’m searching for the incorrect words. I have recently added a couple of the Aqara temp and hunidity sensors. Is there a way to make it report less often? I don’t need that accurate updates, once an hour or so would be fine to save battery. Thanks

Someone has posted about the same issue on GitHub.

The Xiaomi / Aqara sensors are designed to send a illuminance level message only when motion is detected. So there should be debug messages for both illuminance and motion detected seen in the Live Logging page when logged into your hub’s IDE.

Without seeing those log entries, it’s pretty much impossible to troubleshoot the problem.

By “dropping off” do you mean they are not on the network at all anymore, or they just don’t report motion detection (and still report lux and battery level) as @D_Gjorgjievski explained above?

The blue light does not light up when motion is detected - The only indication of motion detected is in the SmartThings mobile app or in the Live Logging page when logged into the IDE for your hub.

Are you seeing illuminance Lux reports and/or battery level being reported?

Unfortunately no. The Xiaomi / Aqara sensors’ configuration cannot be changed. The temp / humidity sensors’ hardware is designed to send reports only when the temperature / humidity / pressure has changed by a certain amount. So that could be as frequent as every few seconds, and as infrequent as a few times a day. The regular check-in / battery level message is sent every 50-60 minutes.