Order of Lights and Switches Shortcuts

(Greg) #1

I’ve noticed that the order of lights and switches are different between my android phone and my iPad. I can rearrange the order on my iPad, but not on my android phone.

If I change the order on the iPad, the new order does not show on the phone. Am I missing something or can another android user confirm that you can’t change the order of lights and switches shortcuts? If so, I think that feature should be enabled on android.

(ActionTiles.com co-founder Terry @ActionTiles; GitHub: @cosmicpuppy) #2

Good observation…! But ?

On my Android, they show up in ASCII sort order (alphabetical, but I put popular ones up top with “!Name”). Since a shortcut can have any name (as well as be a named group), that solves my ordering requirements and is more reliable than drag and drop, imho.

(Greg) #3

Ha, didn’t realize they were even alphabetical. Yeah I guess I can do that too, but I do prefer to name things what they are named. However sorting by personal preference is already allowed by dashboard order and things view. I still think it would be better to be able to sort shortcuts and also Hello Home Phrases by preference. Thanks for pointing out the alphabetically sorting to me.