Orbit Sprinkler Timer (Iris)

I use one of these for squirrels.


that does look good. I wonder if it’s any more durable than the “Scarecrow” motion sprinkler that lasted 2-3 years. Actually might still work but it’s getting balky.

Sorry…haven’t read the entire thread yet…

So, did this ever get figured out?
Is there any way of connecting the Orbit Iris 12 Station Wireless Smart Sprinkler Timer to and using it with SmartThings (even if there are more steps or if there is more hardware involved)?

Has anyone else tried the Orbit Sprinkler Timer since the hub update on 4/21? Mine seem to work fine and I do not get the rogue things added anymore.

That’s interesting news…that would be insanely awesome if it just worked now. Was just going to review this weekend if it was worth getting one or two so I can up my micro-watering game.

It is not perfect by any means. It just doesn’t appear to create rogue devices. No one has been able to figure out how to change the default timer from 10 minutes. I think someone wrote an app to increase the time by basically starting it over and over. Now that I am not getting rogue devices I am going to try to increase the capability. I haven’t experienced any of the issues with it not turning on or off. I can share my device handler, but it isn’t doing anything that others on this post haven’t done. If you get one I would keep the receipt. :grin:

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I would sure appreciate it. 10 mn is just fine by me, and I know its just on and off.

I plan eventually once PlantLink gets it together to maybe move there…would just like to get something in for this year or two.

As long as its going on and off reliably, and not making rogue devices it fits my profile. I can make rules to run it when I need…since its micro-watering its never delivering a ton of water to my plantbeds. But miss a day or two and its dead-city when I travel as witnessed in two recent summers when the Mr Mister timers broke but I never knew it!!


Here is what I have. Once again, I can’t take credit for it. It is just bits and pieces of what others have figured out. Thanks to all that contributed here.

There is some clean up needed. I kind of forgot about it once it was working and not creating rogue devices daily.

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Are you guys are talking about this…?

Yes and it appears to be in the proper condition. Returned and taped up from a frustrated Smartthings user…


BTW, if your Smartthings hub doesn’t recognize it when it scans, you may be able to exit out of the scan and it will be listed. If not, you can reset it by pushing the button on the pin hole in the front 3 times. I had the best luck scanning and when the wireless indicator stops blinking if Smartthings doesn’t say it sees it, doing the reset at that point. BTW it is tempting to use a nail to push the reset button. This is not exactly a good idea (from experience) since it will break the waterproof seal covering the button. I have a made several reset button pusher things using solid strand home electrical wire.

I’ve been looking for a reason to get one of these. My local store has three, all in the same condition. Opened and returned. Maybe its worth a shot now, what do you think?

I am not confident in the reason the two I have are working. I am hopeful it was what Smartthings did, but I don’t know if I accidentally did something to them. If you are willing to take the risk, then go for it. You want to keep your receipt. Obviously Lowes is really good at taking them back by their condition.

Is the assumption that the new Zigbee stack on V2 hub fixes this and it won’t work with V1?

I’ll pick one up on my way home and try it over the weekend. I’ll let you know how it goes.


I am sorry, can’t speak to the V1. Never had one. I retried my orbit timers when the new Zigbee stack came out in April and it is not creating rogue devices anymore. It still isn’t perfect with the status, but at least it turns on and off every time I ask.

I suspect the promised support for V1 hub is assigned to the same engineers working on the promised migration utility.:cry:

I am v1 hub. It found the sprinkler just fine, and installed it. I hit open and close but dont “hear” anything. Temperature dropped to 45 degrees here so will put it outside tomorrow and see if it works.

the IDE has a active device with a zigbee ID and all. Here’s to hoping it works when faucet is on.

All told, it works in manual mode without Iris connection too, so if it doesn’t go, I just set up the manual schedule and wait for another time. Thanks for the update and device handler!!

Just be careful not to turn it on when you are not there to watch over it. These devices will occasionally fail to close the valve when it turns itself off. It’s a physical valve closure mechanism defect. You could come home to a very wet yard if you don’t supervise it.