Orbit Sprinkler Timer (Iris)


I’ll be following your progress with this. Pleased that @urman is looking into it at ST HQ. I’ve been playing with ideas on controlling the water supply in my RV with ST. I was planning to hack an Orbit valve of which I have many laying around. The valves I have require a 3 VDC + or - pulse to open/close. Tricky to do this. What I like about the $40 valve you posted is it’s battery powered and that aligns with my Smartthings in an RV project goal.

What I am most curious about and maybe soon you can help answer it, can the valve dial be left in a position that allows for a zwave on/off (open/close) command set to be used? That’s all I need it to do.


@urman I got mine to pair and submitted a support ticket and asked you to be assigned.

I’m going to look into it as well and see if I can build a device type for it. I tried z wave switch and fortress water valve with no luck.

@thrash99er it actually looks like its a ZigBee device!

Try SmartPower Outlet device for it.

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@urman SmartPower Outlet seems to work at least on and off. I’m getting results it is turning on and off I think. I don’t have it plugged in but I have it sitting here and it appears to turn on and off.

I sets a timer to 10 minutes when I turn it on, it appears.

I think I’ll go buy one of these at lunch today. My original plan was to buy a z-wave outlet and a 120V normally closed solenoid to accomplish this, but this seems like a cheaper alternative. I wonder how long the batteries last. The Lowes website reviews make it look like this device has the ability to report battery status

So I was able to pair it and set it up as a SmartPower outlet but it doesn’t do anything… @thrash99er did you have to do anything special to get it set up besides changing the device type?

I have been following the development of several automated sprinkler controllers and the IRO product by Rachio really looks to be the most promising. It is available for pre-order now and ships next month. It is Wifi so it won’t directly integrate with Smartthings, but hopefully via an API in due time.

Rachio Image

I have it set as smart outlet, but i cant seem to get it to do anything. And a second device showed up, I am going to try to dissasociate it and start again. arrgh my plants are thirsty LOL

Everyone, I got one of these on Tuesday and it was able to pair with my hub. I initially attempted to change the device to a Z-wave switch, and then I moved it to a SmartOutlet device. It is working, but it is NOT consistent but it is turning on an off from the tile.

I get it to turn on, it takes about 10 - 20 seconds to turn on, the device turns on and is set for a 10 minutes timer.

It turns off after 10 minutes and I’m able to turn it on and off from the tile. It works probably 3 out of 5 times, but it does work.

I plan to send some more time looking at it when i get a chance the next few days.

@Morgan can you post the step to change the timer clock and the timer? Thanks my not doing anything. I try and nothing?

There is no way to change the timer clock and timer, as far as I can tell.

You have to change the timer and the clock before you pair it with the hub. Mine still isn’t doing anything no matter what I try (besides pairing).

@huntb The manual on the Orbit say the timer won’t work if you are paired with Iris. I have to turn mine on or off several times to get it to work sometimes.

Have you tried turning it on next to the hub? Is it showing up as a device, did you see any messages in the console log from it?

Went I open my smartthing app this morning I had five unknown device tiles showing up? is anyone else seeing these and it’s only shows up after I installed the Orbit Smart Hose Faucet to smartthings?

I when into the IDE and look at the new unknown devices and they are showing up with different network type codes? How do I find out what they mean one of them has a device network type of 3867? Anyone know what that is. Thanks

It’s the Orbit trying to phone home to an Iris hub. I think it will continually search the network for one until it is paired. The manual says it will do it only for an hour, but it sounds you your findings are a bit more than that.

I’d either; 1) Reset it and use it’s timed functions only (No ST pairing). Or, 2) Feed it Reeses’ Pieces and let it watch “E.T. The Extraterestial”. LOL

I bet it’s not long before the smart and awesome peoples at SmartThings figure out a device type for this thing. They always amaze me on how simple they make it look. Especially that @urman guy. He must be some kind of SmartThings Rainman (Savant).

I was at Lowes yesterday and sprung for one of these but haven’t tried pairing yet. Price seemed right. I too would like to see it work with ST.

I noticed it has a MAC address. Would this indicate it is using more than Z-Wave?

It only appears to be using Zigbee and I haven’t see it ask for a wifi connection or show up on my network at all.

It is working with on/off on the smart outlet but not consistently probably one out of 3 times.

I am getting the unknown devices showing up and I finally took the batteries out of it because of all the network traffic it is generating from trying to connect to the Iris hub. It was sending a ton of null messages when I looked at the console log. I think it made the rest of my network react very slow to some things.

I took the batteries out and I’m going to put them back in and unpair and re-pair it this weekend to see if I can get it to work as a Smart Outlet again and have it working 2 out of 3 times with on and off.

I’ll let every one know my results.

@Morgan - anymore luck with this item. I am home this week and considering getting one as my Lowes has 2 in stock. For my RV use case, I only need static (not timed) on and off.

No luck really. I’ve got it to turn on and off, but it is not consistent, and sometimes I have to turn it on an off 3 or 4 times. It was sending a TON of traffic to my ST hub, so i turned it off until i can spend some more time debugging it, and seeing I can figure out anything with it.

Sorry, but I’ll update this thread if i get more news.

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