Orbit 57100 inline sprinkler valve, does it work with drip irrigation?

Does the orbit 5700 inline sprinkler valve work with drip irrigation. Does the valve require full flow of water to properly close?

@jrmobile and/or any else using the orbit 57100. Do you use this valve with drip irrigation?

When I tried it it would not close and I assumed after reading more about it that the problem is that it requires full flow to close and using it with drip does not provide enough flow to close the valve.

Does it in fact work with drip and mine would not close because of something else I was doing wrong or it was defective?

Thanks in advance

I do not have that exact one - but DO have one that has the built in anti-siphon valve. It workd fine, but I could not use it as the anti-siphon would drain in a bad area.

In theory - about any should work for drip. I have a 4 valve system and installed a few similar systems. I run 30lbs pressure - plus or minus a few.

I did have one valve start leaking this year and over watered and used excess water. I have not tore it down but probably a bad diaphragm.

I’d have to did to see what my primary valves are :slight_smile: Only know it if I see them. Been using most for about 5 years with minor issues.