Option to suppress notifications?

(Mugen Patel) #1

Is there a way to choose if a smartapp sends a notification or not? For example, I am using the scheduled mode change app on Android and I don’t think I want to be alerted every time the mode changes. I tried using the sunrise/sunset app, but that always fails to install :frowning:

(Cory S) #2

There isn’t an option within the app to configure which apps notify and which don’t. However, you can set the app not to send notifications at all, at least you can on Android 4.2 (and I think 4.1) To do that bring up the app in your app management page in settings, and deselect “show notifications”

Or, if you’re using iOS ignore all this :slight_smile:

(Chrisb) #3

I think it would be pretty easy to modify that out of the SmartApp. If you haven’t done any looking at the code of the SmartApps, let me know which one you’re using and I’ll take a peek.