Operand Aggregation

Rules → Actions → IF → equals->left (& right) support an array of operands

It has an aggregation property which, in the Rule API has the following description -:

string (OperandAggregationMode)
Default: “None”
Value: “None”

How does this work? Can I have a value of “any”? will it compare all of the operands in the array with the other side?

As a secondary question, what would happen if both left and right have arrays of operands

Hi, @Davec

This field was implemented to allow simplifying and and or conditions. It’s an enum that only has two possible string values: "Any" and "All", being "Any" its default if not written explicitly. The aggregation set to "All" is analogous to an and operation. The aggregation set to "Any" (or not being set at all) is analogous to an or operation.