Open RF controller + wifi interface?

I’m trying to find a product that’s similar to Sonoff RF controller, but with wider RF capability, such as to support rolling code, ideally with flash-able ESP chips. Is there such product in the market?

Curious what’s the use case? Do you have a particular device with a rolling code you want to integrate?

Most of the roller blinds such as those from Somfy, Dooya, are using RF rolling code.

Imaging instead of buying the few hundreds $ Somfy zwave to radio device, you get replace it with a $30 RF wifi controller.

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Hi @JDRoberts, just in case you know of any?

I’m sorry, I don’t quite understand the question. Don’t you have to match the frequency?

RFXCOM used to make a transmitter that was compatible with the Somfy rolling code protocol, but I think it’s been discontinued. I don’t think there’s any way to reverse engineer it: it has to be a company that has worked with Somfy. So I don’t think you can just build your own from something generic. :disappointed_relieved:

RFLink - closest, however, I think still not exactly what you want. Require multiple for different ranges.

Sonoff RF bridge with 433.42Mhz receiver/transceiver and Tasmota - there are some discussion/PoC for Somfy/RTS support in Tasmota github. You’d need multiple for different ranges, and the protocol is very limited.

All-in-one, Broadlink, Bond, support wide frequency range, but not open, and no rolling codes.

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Thanks JD and Hong tat for your reply. Those remote control to control RF motor with rolling code doesn’t seems as complicated and cheap as well.

My supplier in China wonder if there’s market for such Wifi RF controller, I am asking them to add Tasmona support :smiley:

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