Open door shuts off tstat

I’m having difficulties using the @yracine SmartApp WindowOrDoorOpen. When my door (contact sensor) is open > 5 minutes (which is the default and minimum), my Nest tstat should go off. When the door closes, Nest should go back on to same setting it was at when it went off. The SmartApp is doing a few odd things:

  • Tstat doesn’t turn off, even though the SA is pushing a notification saying that it’s off.
  • Notification by text mssg (an option in the app) isn’t working at all.
  • For Speech options, I’d like to use my Sonos which I use for all other notifications, but it doesn’t find Sonos as a device with speech capability.
  • On/Off Switch For Voice Notifications: It’s not actually an ‘on/off’… I designated a specific Sonos speaker in there but doesnt do anything. I think I’m misunderstanding what this is for.

If anyone can help me with one or more of these issues I’d appreciate it very much!

@JDRoberts, I see you edited the category for this post… fine if this is more appropriate, but I’m not sure why it would be… it’s not an idea- it’s an issue I’m having with an existing/established SmartApp.

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I know it’s really confusing, but the “smartapps” top level category is really intended only for the officially published smartapps, not just ones that have been around for a while.

Ideally, for anything like the latter you should ask in the author’s thread and you will get the quickest response. The author will be automatically notified when your post is added to the thread and other people who are using the same code may also be able to help.

Also, if it’s like the other paid smart apps, didn’t you pay for support as well? So the author may have a separate support channel for it. I just don’t know with that particular one.

So I moved it because if the smartapp is not listed in the marketplace section of the smartthings mobile app, then it doesn’t really go in the top level “smart apps” section of the forum.

“smartapp ideas” Is for stuff that you can’t do with the official smartapps, which is why I moved it here.

I haven’t been feeling well this weekend, and to be honest, I just didn’t feel up to looking for the author’s thread for the smartapp that you were asking about or I would have listed that link as well.

So you are right that it doesn’t really go in the ideas thread, but it doesn’t go in the top level “smartapps” section either And this is just a slightly better fit because this does deal with the unofficial smartapps. But really the question should go in the author’s thread.

Sorry for any confusion.

OK, here’s yves’ author thread for his Nest code, ask there and you should get the quickest response. :sunglasses:

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