Open discussion - Issues with expanding Philips Hue integration (Hue Connect)

and I apologize, I didnt realize your original post was from July. Regardless, I hope my info helps someone hah.

I have to say that since I migrated to the v2 hub my Philips Hue and Wemo switch has been working great. I hope that doesn’t change but considering the issues I spent months dealing with this is a very welcome change. I’m very happy with it so far.

It’s not the v2 but @juano2310 I would think! Don’t forget the appreciation thread which is to commend ST if you feel that way. It’s an appreciation thread only…,No criticism there! I am sure it will motivate them to do better!

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Have you tried only adding a few bulbs at a time? That seemed to work for me when I was getting that error. It’s almost like a timeout is happening when you have a lot of bulbs that you are trying to add at one time.

Smart things seams to have a problem with the HUE IP, when you first set up, or when you reset, for some how, it will use only that IP address, then you should note the HUE bridge IP number, and then go to your HUE bridge setup, and instead of haven DHSP to assign the IP number, set it up to a manual selection of the IP number and assign the number you first noted

Also to make it better, reserve that IP number on your wifi hub with the mac address, so you make sure that when the power goes off, when the wifi starts again, the HUE bridge will get the IP same address

Reserving the IP address for the WEMO devices has also work for me.

SmartThings- Please seriously consider looking into the BulbDiscovery error, if you aren’t already working on it. The fact that this page doesn’t work means that I have to call support every time I change a light bulb on the hue bridge. The only other option is to delete everything and add the bulbs back a few at a time to get past the error- but I have lots of bulbs in use by more than a few motion sensors and smart apps, and re-creating all of that is very time consuming.

As someone mentioned previously, Hue integration really deserves to have a first-class position within the ST ecosystem. It is a very fundamental expectation of a home automation system, and the Hue lighting system is a market-leader in smart lighting. I have no issues with my other 3rd Party Hue Apps and even the Amazon Echo. I do hope you will make this a priority.

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We recently found a bug where if you remove a hue bulb from the hue bridge via their native app, we receive an error when trying to retrieve the list of bulbs resulting in the failure.

We have fixed the issue and it’s going through QA at the moment. We should be rolling out a fix once it passes QA. Thanks.


This sounds like it may be my issue: I changed my physical bulb configuration over Halloween, which involved deleting and adding a bulb back, and ST stopped letting me add bulbs. If you need beta testers for the new version…

Did anyone find a solution to the failed to save page:bulbdiscovery error message when trying to add more devices to hue connect? I emailed support 2 days ago and have not heard anything back from them.

How many devices are you trying to add? Try adding them one at a time.

just 1 new bulb. I had the rest of them added and functioning normally.

For adding new bulbs I had to delete the hub from the developer console and re-add it, this worked when scanning did not.

Slightly off topic but any reason as to why SmartThings can no longer track the On/Off status of the bulbs, this started around 4 weeks ago and was fine before, both the Hue App and SmartThings were synchronized now they are not!

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According to staff posts in the forums, SmartThings is supposed to be polling the hue bridge every five minutes for current bulb status. If it’s not updating, I would report it to support.

Same here. The status of the hue bulbs is never correct in my app now. Started about a month ago.

Go to your Hue connect app and open it. Let it start discovering your bulbs (even though it’s already there)… Let the wheel spin couple of times and click done and get out of your app. See if that helps… Your hues should refresh if connected via hue bridge every 5 minutes with the status reflecting depending upon how close you are to the 5 minutes polling.

Else ping support.

I went a head and also tried what you suggested and got the bulb discovery error. I had no idea they were still having trouble with that.

Well, then support is the only option. :frowning: just curious v1 or v2?

V2 is what I’m running. I just haven’t had to mess with hue since the migration.

So since I last posted and now re-added all my hue lights back in because I had to delete them and the app has , I can now say that the experience is much much better and the state sycronisation appears to be much much more accurate, BUT, I do seem to have a single sticky light in smartthings that reports on when it is off (I will look at the logs but its a busy time just now). I do mix the Hue app and Smartthings operation so when i go to bed I use the Hue App “all off” but the lights may have been turned on with SmartThings app and seem to co-op well together. Only one more light to get which may be under the crimbo tree so will check the discovery after, indications are its a lot better on the v2 hub.

I’m currently having issues with every part of hue, It says i have two active bridges (I only have one) and none of my bulbs work, It also says no bridges available vs the IDE says i have two…