Open-Dash Dashboard DIY - Alpha Release Walkthrough

Hmm ok. So it’s a bug in saving. Can you pm me that response in a code block. Doesn’t look complete here. And please delete it in the post above.

@pstuart Wowza, really like where this is going. Great work! :grinning:


unfortunately disquss is being stupid right now. I have too many devices selected so it’s too big to paste into a pm.

Edit: So i went back and remove all devices during Oath2 and enable only 1. That saved OK. I’ll try to enable more devices to see.

Great. Let me know which device(s) it is failing on. My guess is Sonos. But probably some special character I need to filter out.

Sonos are fine. It’s the Armcrest device listed under motion devices.

edit: Yup… everyone is working fine except when I add the Armcrest devices.

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can you send me the part in the smartthings.json data file where the armcrest is? I can probably figure out what’s causing it, its probably just a rouge character or something simple in the attributes or commands.

It’s not in the smartthings.json data file since it failed during the save. Here is one of the amcrest device that is failing.

yeah, sorry should have been more detailed…

If you add it back into your oauth2, go to localhost:3000/api/smartthings/devices and find the amcrest section in between the { … } and can PM me that. I’m sure the issue is in the attributes section but just in case, send me the whole section if you can.

This is probably user error, but after installing everything I can’t connect to port 3000. What opens the port and where can I fix this?

Never mind. I forgot to start the app.


Trying to do the live video but not sure how to build the video template. Any chance to get your video template?

I’m on vacation this weekend. What type of camera are you using, might be able to give you some basic HTML that will work.

Hikvision camera. No big deal. Can wait till next week. Just not familiar with programming. :grin:

Good. I have hikvision as well. Might have to enable the mjpeg stream but can get full video for sure.

Thanks. Enjoy your weekend and I’ll check back next week.

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I’ll get you something as soon as I can get to my computer later this weekend.

Much appreciated. Thanks

Any plans to docker container this?

The non diy version is already but that is waiting on our smartapp API to be published.

No plans currently to dockerize this diy version. But nothing stopping anyone.

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Hi I have been playing around with this all day. Looks Awesome!
Was wondering if there is any way to change the size of tiles? Especially interested in the Video tiles being bigger.