Open/close - temperature- humidity semsor

(Omar D Ruiz Morales) #1

Does anyone know if there is a open/close, temperature and humidity sensor?

(John C) #2

Fibaro has one that does the first two. But no humidity…

(Omar D Ruiz Morales) #3

Yes, theres a lot that can do temperature & open close but I cant find anything that can do the 3

Thanks a lot!

(John C) #4

At this time I don’t know of others commonly on the market that do all three.

What have you found that can do both temperature and open/close???

(Omar D Ruiz Morales) #5

The smartthing multipurpose sensor makes open/close & temperature

(Mark) #6

Iris contact sensor reports temp too.

(John C) #7

Ooops. I was thinking Z-Wave sensors only, as that’s what I have on my system – wasn’t considering Zigbee. Sorry! :roll_eyes: