Open and On SmartApp

Here’s my first attempt at sharing a smart app that I made. I used the ST template for “Left it Open” and modified it extensively.

The app allows users to select a power meter to use as well as multiple contact sensors. If power passes a customizable threshold (default 100 watts) and any selected contact is open, an alert or optional text is sent. If a contact sensor is opened for more than a customized time delay (default 1 minute) after power is flowing, an alert/text is also sent.

The alert/text will contain the names of all open contacts.

I designed this app in particular to overcome the current limitation of the Honeywell Lyric smart thermostat, which does not have a public API and does not integrate with SmartThings. As a workaround, I connected my furnace/blower to a smart outlet to register when the power draw increased. Now I get an alert when the AC/Heat comes on and windows are open.

The code for the app is on Github.

Let me know if I’ve transgressed any Smart app rules/conventions.