Opal Nugget BT Ice Maker

I recently purchased a Opal Nugget Ice Maker with Bluetooth. I’ve read the Android app is mediocre. I dont have any programming skills (outside a little basic and mid 90’s html). I know that the BT radio in my ST hub is turned off so I’d need a RPi or similar to create any kind of link between ST and the appliance. Question: what skills, languages, software, etc do I need to obtain or learn to setup a man in the middle link and make this device work in my ST ecosystem? Anybody have code or a smartapp that could be adapted? Anybody already setup this device (no results returned in my community search)? Thanks in advance.

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I’m guessing @JDRoberts tagged me since one approach would be to use an Android device with Tasker as a sort of man in the middle.

Rather than trying to reverse engineer the Bluetooth protocol FirstBuild has used, you could use Tasker with the plugin AutoInput to automate controlling the Android app or even query the app UI for current state. The integration point with SmartThings would be done via SharpTools is a set of Tasker plugins I developed.


If you want to take this opportunity to learn new skills what you need is to follow this https://learn.adafruit.com/reverse-engineering-a-bluetooth-low-energy-light-bulb how to.

This is how I reversed engineered and have a working setup for more than 2 years now of my BT air purifier (Honeywell_HPA250B in SmartThings) and my BT air quality monitor (AirMentorPro 2 in SmartThings).

You will have the opportunity to learn Python language, Raspberry Pi, JSON format, SmartThings Device and Smartapp coding in Groovy, etc.

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Thanks for the reply. I’ve downloaded tasker and autoinput but, having never used it before I have quite a learning curve ahead of me. Also, seeing your community profile I setup a sharp tools account yesterday after JDRoberts tagged you. But I’ll need some time to figure out both and how they fit togehter to accomplish what I’m after (“hey Alexa, make ice”). Thanks!

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