Ooma integration - Value Add?

So I was looking at the list of things that “works with nest” and I noticed that they had ooma voip service as one of the integrations. (www.ooma.com/nest) The coincidence was that i recently ordered Ooma for my home, which made me think if an integrated landline ip phone adds any value. The only use case i could think of is to forward calls to my mobile when in away mode… All other notification related use cases can be achieved via push notifications or text. I am struggling to understand the value of having such an integration, so i thought a discussion on this topic would be interesting. What does everyone else think? Anyone else sees any interesting use cases with this integration? I am assuming it can be integrated considering its done with nest - but thats a different point of discussion. For discussion purposes lets assume its possible.


VOIP services can help solve a 21st-century problem: people who only have a mobile phone and do not have a landline, but want their home automation systems to send a phone message if something occurs when they are not at home.

Ooma was mostly interested in integrating with the Nest Protect smoke alarm, not so much the thermostat itself.

For this to be a value-add over what Nest Protect does on its own, you have to assume a recipient who accepts phone calls but not text messages. (Hint: think government services, but also some neighborhood watch groups.)

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I would like our mobile phones (iPhones) to automatically forward to our home phone when we arrive. That way, we don’t always have to keep our phones in our pocket and any of the home phones will ring when our mobiles ring. We have an OOMA home phone plugged into a phone jack making all of the jacks active on the OOMA.

Just pair your phone with your ooma via Bluetooth. When your cell phone rings, the ooma headsets ring and you can answer those and use those instead of your cell.