Only one switch keeps going offline

Seems like everyday my ge Zwave plus fan control goes offline. However the ge Zwave plus on/off switch and dimmer switch in the same box have no problem. I’m thinking bad switch. Any other thoughts?

Off topic, I have one switch that keeps turning off every few days. And it powers a fridge… and no app seems to have done it. Meh… :wink:

Warm beer, bleah!

Why would you want to put a refrigerator on a switch? I keep mine on constant power on a dedicated circuit.

I have a similar issue but with a zigbee product. I have one Cree light that says not connected a lot lately. I can turn it on then off using the app and it will respond. Then it will show as connected in the app for a day or two. It just started doing this and all my other Cree lights work fine.

It’s also a power meter. :wink:

I have a similar switch on my tankless water heater to monitor power usage and first thing I did was clone the DH and disable on/off. :grimacing: Didn’t want to hear family complain there’s no hot water. :smirk:

I actually shut down my water heater when there’s no one home… :smiley:

Possible not related but I have a couple of zigbee Centralite plugs and one of them going offline every few days. I noticed the icon color for the one going offline was green and all the other plugs blue. The offline one was using a custom DTH. Changed it to the default smartpower plug DTH and no problem for 2 weeks now.

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i have a similar issue with 2 off my GE Z-Wave switches (nt plus) that keep going offline. They still work from the switch for manual on/off. Have to reset the breaker or use the air gap switch to reset the z-wave functionality.

Yeah, why would you want a drink Fridge on a switch. Wouldn’t want to wife to “accidentally” turned of my cold drinks on a daily basic. :grimacing:

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